Sunday, August 27, 2006

I wanna be better than oxygen

I had a great weekend! Here’s a few of the highlights:

  1. Going to Athens early Friday and chatting to my old co-worker Amanda.
  2. Eating lunch at The Grill (grilled cheese sandwich with sprouts and tomato, fries, and feta dressing!!!)
  3. Watching Twin Falls Idaho with Karl, Josh, and John. I cried again when I saw it (second time). None of the boys cried, but I did. I am a crier.
  4. Walking and wandering around downtown Athens while waiting for the I am the World Trade Center show. We chatted to Jenna, ate apple pie and ice cream at The Grill (2 times in a day!!), and talked to Jenna some more.
  5. Karl and his “Flying Jesus Attack”
  6. Discussing some creepy items from Karl leading the conversation! :o)
  7. I am the World Trade Center! Dancing!
  8. Saturday morning brunch with Alli and Catie and Alli’s family. Alli’s dad is a really good cook!
  9. Hanging out with Alli, Catie, Ryan, Alli’s mom, and Alli’s dad for a long time.
  10. Meeting up with the KSU kids. Went over to Josh’s new house (which randomly has the same layout as Anne’s parent’s house…), watched My Sassy Girl (I think that was the title. It was a weird Korean movie), went to Steak and Shake till 4am!
  11. Sunday, day of rest.
  12. I ate gummy bears today. Yum!!!
  13. In the evening, I met up with Bonnie and Jenn at Bonnie's place. We watched Animal Planet. Oh, before that, Jenn played Guitar Hero, which she loves. :o)
  14. The three of us played Monopoly. After hours of playing, I won! How did that happen, I don't know, but it did. It was exciting! I'd NEVER won at Monopoly before.
  15. Bonnie made me a copy of the Idlewild CD, which I am enjoying.

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