Monday, February 25, 2008

When it all comes true

"Cancer: A few annoying events will have you feeling grouchy, but luckily, the day will end really well. ."

I am really freaked out when horoscopes are right on the money. today started out to be an awful day!

I was running late, left the house, locked the door, then realized that I forgot to put deodorant on. So, I open it back up, go to the bathroom with all of my things, and proceed to put on deodorant. I was in a hurry, but I told myself, "Abie, if you go too fast, you are going to get deodorant all over you black shirt." And so I slowed down to keep that fro happening. Then, as I was taking the deodorant stick out from my shirt, I accidentally knocked over my coffee ALL OVER MY STUFF in the bathroom. I ruined 2 sets of eyeshadow, got coffee all over my flat iron and hairbrush and toothbrush, and then only had half a cup to drink! Grr!

But, then, as the day wore on, it got better, I got out of my grump...and now, it is GORGEOUS outside. I am going to head to the beach today, just to sit and lounge before the evening. Be jealous.

See you guys in Georgia in 2 weeks!
See you in London in a few months!

Love love love!