Monday, September 29, 2008

And goodness is happening to someone you love

So, I've had a wonderful weekend!

On Saturday, I picked Becca up at the airport,and it was SO wonderful to see her. We came back to my dorm and just lazed around for a while...but then were off! I don't know how she did it...maybe she's a superhero. We went to see a show up in Camden. The band that we went to see was Ginger Bread Men. It was lots of fun! I knew James (the singer) in my past relationship. I wondered if it would be weird, me going to his show, being that David and I split on very unfriendly terms. But it was awesome! I had a really great time meeting some new folks, drinking adult beverages, and dancing.

Sunday, Becca, Kirsli, Scott, and I went to the Tate Modern and viewed some modern art for free. I'm not a huge fan of modern art in general, but even I had fun! Becca and I found a "seed" that you could stand in and wiggle... good times! Then we explored, trying to find a particular pub a friend had recommended to her. Unfortunately, we never found it, so we got some sandwiches and ate them in Trafalgar Square, vowing to find that pub some day.

Then today, Becca left onto her big adventure in Preston. I took her to Euston, the train station, and walked her to the train. But it was just milliseconds from leaving, so we had a very, very quick goodbye. Miss you already, Ptero-darling!

Also, I have some big news on my course: the course director got a grant, so for the next year, she's unable to teach us! Doh! BUT they set it up so the directors from the Fashion Curation course will be our tutors for this next year. And that is amazing because one of them is Amy de la Haye, who is very well-known and respected in my field. It's so exciting to be able to work directly with her!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another day in the life...

Well, I finally got sick. I expected it to happen because of the move: eating new foods, traveling in general, walking everywhere every day a LOT, stress, rude people in London...

That's a combination of the probably reasons I am not well. But, I was bullied by the dino to get medicine, so I went out with Kirsli and Scott, and got meds. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow. I got the night/day pack, so tonight I'm gonna take the night-time pills and sleep like a log tonight.

Yesterday, I went to some talks for classes. They weren't super helpful, but I did get a little bit of information. I also got my email address:, in case you want to email my school address.

I had kinda a bad day yesterday. I am just having a tough time adjusting to the general coldness and rudeness of the people here. Kirsli tells me that NYC is worse. Ugh. I haven't met anyone else from my course yet, either, which is kinda odd. I'm sure there aren't many others, though!

I am lucky in the friends that I have made. Last night, I was feeling crappy and was grumpin pretty fiercely... so Kirsli and Scott went out and bought ice cream for dinner. They are so sweet!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'll give you something to go one when you go back to the middle of no where

Well, I've been in London well over a week. And I am loving it more and more each day. Today, I was supposed to go into school for a tour of two of the facilities... but...I didn't go. Instead, Kirsli and I went out for a walk to try to find a market to buy stuff to cook for dinner.

We ended up discovering a really exciting part of town! We found Brick Lane, which is the most delicious smelling place, ever! It's the Bangladeshi part of town, so it smells of curry and other amazing foods. It made me so hungry! but, to keep from going to an Indian buffet... we went into Tesco and I bought a sandwich. *sigh* I wish I had more expendable income here. But I guess it's just as well, otherwise I'd never stop shopping!

We also found Petticoat Lane, which is this amazing part of town that is basically stands of cheap clothing and fabric stores galore! I can't wait to take my mom there when she comes. ^_^

When we got home, Kirsli and I made dinner: homemade mac n cheese, garlic and lemon chicken with onions, and sauteed broccoli. It was delicious! Then, Scott, Kirsli, and I just chilled out and watched some Home Improvement on tv. Random, eh!

Friday, September 19, 2008

It's called the Freeway; now I know why

I'm feeling loved up today. Basically, I feel in love today. It's so nice. i won't say with whom yet, but he knows. ^_^

I guess falling asleep on the phone with someone makes you wake up with hearts in your eyes?

Anyway, on to London adventures!! So, last night, Kirsly, Scott (her boyfriend), Flora, Maine (real name Marissa-but we call her Maine), and I went out to this pub called Barley Mow. It was really fun. Kirsly gave me "Jersey Hair," which is exciting! I've never had such big hair ever. I liked it maybe I will try Jersey Hair again. Check out the photos on my Flickr!

The pub had a really awesome jukebox that was like 100 years old, BUT had great CDs to choose from. So, I buckled down, put in my 1 quid and we chose 10 songs of awesome. You know it's gonna be fun when you start off any setlist with Superstition by Stevie Wonder!

It was a great night full of singing Johnny Cash and rockin it to Reel Big Fish! 3 Americans, 1 Italian, and 1 Brit. Very silly mix.

And today, I am going to start walking south to explore. Should be fun! Haven't tried that direction yet. But first...I gotta wake up. So, I probably won't leave for a while. Ha!

I'm gonna hate you when you go

For some reason, I feel like my life here is pretty boring. More boring than back in the US, I think. Well, not really. Life is a constant adventure.

Today I went and enrolled in my course. It is going to be SO difficult. Each of the 4 taught classes culminates in a 3-4,000 word essay, my thesis proposal course has a 15,000 word essay, and the thesis itself must be 30,000 words! Geebus! My brain and fingers are going to be so tired!

I am happy because I have a dino visiting after Christmas, and then in March, Melo, Em, and Hana are coming to visit! So, if you are thinking of visiting, here are my term dates:

Fall Term:
Sept 22-Dec 12

Spring Term:
Jan 12-March 20

Summer Term:
April 20-July 3

Fall Term:
Sept 21-Dec 11

Hmmm. What else have I done recently? I went to the V&A yesterday, which was AMAZING! That museum is going to take me about 6 visits to see the whole thing. There is no way to possibly see it all in one go. I went with Flora and Kirsli. We could only handle a bit over 2 hours of it. Then, we got hungry, ate Chinese, and went to the grocery store. The other day, Kirsli and I went on a grand adventure, trying to find somewhere for me to buy a phone. I ended up ordering it online, though we will see if that works or not!!

That's all for now...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Washing Troubles Away

Good news! I finally have pillows AND blanket. Ooooh yeah. Last night was my second night with them, and it was glorious. I am also now the proud owner of a fuchsia and brown striped duvet cover AND chocolate brown towels.

The past couple of days have been nice, albeit a bit strange. I went out with a group of people to head to a pub on Monday night (Katy, Kelly, Jason, Chantal, and Kirsli). I realized that I am going to be the worst Brit ever! I just can't drink every night. I am not so good at boozing. I mean, the group I went out with wasn't going out with that intention, but when people wanted to head out again Tuesday night... I dunno. I just get a feeling that I am going to be missing a lot of fun when I decide to stay in at night.

Anyway, things are going well! I signed the checks for my loans yesterday, which is exciting! I register for classes Friday, and then start on Monday! I am so excited to finally start school again.

So, I've made two good friends so far: Kirsli and Flora. Kirsli is a punk gal from New Jersey with pink hair and a shining personality. Flora is from Italy, and is the cutest and sweetest girl ever! I like them a lot. We went exploring on Monday and found our way around a bit. Then last night, we learned where NOT to go in the dark... That's a pretty important lesson, I reckon!

Anyway, I'm not so sure yet, but I think once I really get settled, I'll like London. For now, it's just such an alternate universe for me...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

London, Day 1 complete!

Here I am, sitting at the desk in my new dorm/flat, drinking a nice cup of tea. Seriously, am I British yet? lol.

This has been such a weird experience thus far, and I think it will be getting weirder.

I miss Atlanta and my dinosaur there quite a lot. After being dropped of at the airport by him, I went through security, had a good cry, and kept on my way. I felt a bit like a zombie, walking through the airport. I made a few last phone calls (to my mom) and then turned off my phone.

The flight was long, but not so bad. I literally fell asleep DURING takeoff. I remember the engine starting and the plane speeding up... but the next I remember, I was up in the air, cruising. So, that's how exhausted I was! I sat next to a pair of hilarious and adorable old British men (possibly a couple? They sure acted like it!). One of them told me a story about how when he was little, his mother knitted him a wool "swimming costume," but when he went to go swim in it, the water made the wool stretch and it fell off! Haha!

When the plane landed, I was supposed to be met by a driver to bring me to my dorm... but I couldn't find him for the life of me! I had the Airport Information peope page 3 times, then I called on a payphone to my dorm (I was pretty stressed by now!) and they said he would find me. And he did. And then I was on my way.

The dorm looks really nice from the outside and is spin-n-span on the inside. My room looks a bit like a hotel. There is nothing in it. I had ordered a move-in pack, which was to have a blanket, utensils, sheets, etc...but it didn't arrive. So I went out looking for those things yesterday and couldn't find them. Oh man, I am going to get lost so much! What a confusing layout! Anyway, so I slept last night, curled up on my sheet-less mattress, wearing about 16 layers of clothes, using my scarves as a pillow, and my jackets as a blanket. I am so pathetic!

So, a pillow is my first mission of the day (after breakfast!). Here I go!