Saturday, May 16, 2009

When I was a child, everybody smiled

I have been so unbelievably lazy lately. I don't know what's wrong with me, but I am having a hard time motivating myself to leave my room. I'm sure this will change again very soon, but it's odd. I went to the grocery store yesterday, and then immediately came home and stayed home. And today, I woke up at 6am, decided I didn't want to be up, woke again at 10, decided again not to get up, and then finally at 12! And now it's 1:30pm, and I am drinking my morning coffee, not really feeling motivated to do ANYTHING. Whew. Oh well. I guess I should enjoy this while I have it, the ability to stay home and be lazy and not worry. Maybe being home will get me working on my dissertation stuff more. My goal was to read at least 1-2 chapters of The Tale of Genji each day...and I haven't read it at all for almost 3 days now! So, I should work on that. And I have need to put together a presentation to give in 2 weeks to my tutors, and then to the external examiner. Maybe I should work on that. Ugh, I'm so lazy.

In other news, I am looking at buying my own electric tea kettle for when I move back to GA. I want this one. It looks so fancy! I've decided that I can't live without an electric tea kettle, now that I am used to having one...

Whew! Now that I've taken an hour break from working on this, and talked to Melo... now I am ready to work! Let's go, books!!


p.s. To go old school, here is a list of things making me happy RIGHT NOW:
*My coffee tastes extra delicious today
*I got to talk to Karl yesterday! Yessssss!
*Thinking about having a yellow office soon
*Thinking about havg my own office soon
*Boyfriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiend = <3
*Genji is about to marry Murasaki. I should get reading!!

Friday, May 08, 2009

It starts with an earthquake

Well, I feel like I have some things to be happy about today and lately. I am just going to list them in no specific order. Really, the order in which they come to my brain. I am going to list them until I can't think of any more. Or until I get tired of listing. Either way... it's gonna be wonderful.

  • I am in love with the idea of seeing Rob all the time. I know, I am such a girl, but this makes me so happy.
  • My dissertation topic: it's tough; it makes me want to jump out windows; there's too much and not enough information about it available; the literature that does exist on it is so hard to read; the Tale of Genji is 16 million pages long; I love my topic.
  • Coffee and tea breaks with Kirsli - these totally make my day. It's simple, yes, but it's nice to take a break from thinking about ancient Japan and start thinking about other things instead, having discussions with a good friend.
  • Avocados. I had one for dinner last night with some pasta. I loved it like woah.
  • My new shoes from Irregular Choice. Yes, they were expensive, but I promised myself I'd buy something from there before I left London. Better to do it sooner than later, so I bought them.
  • Feeling crafty. I can't wait to get home to America and be able to craft again. I miss knitting. I miss doing stuff.
  • Some fun trips coming up: a visit to bunny friends, a visit to Becca (<3),>
  • Thinking of moving home. It makes me so happy. I am going to miss London and it's people (well, the nice ones that are my friends!) so much! But, I will be back. That is for sure.
  • Karaoke in June in Athens. Oh man. It's been far too long!! We need to set a date for it soon so I can write it into my planner (Yes, I LOVE writing things in my planner. I even make Rob schedule possible dates with me so I can write them in. I'm a weirdo!)
  • Moving OUT of Will Wyatt Court. This place is seriously the worst place to live of all time. Thank god I will be out of here soon. I've met some amazing people here; thank goodness, too, cuz otherwise I might have died!
  • I found a very good candidate for my bridesmaids dress for Emily's wedding. Now I just have to get it home and try it on...
Ok, that's enough for now. Wow, I am random today. ^_~