Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I am looking for a star I can tell my troubles to

So, I am in an awful mood today.
At 11:30am, the temp agency lady, Rebecca, called me cuz she was in a fix. She needed to find some people to do data entry at this real estate appraisal place until friday. As I have no real job yet, I said sure and off I went. I got there at 12:30 and until 6pm, I stared at a computer screen. The job itself was shit, but what was really shit was the environment of the office. The people there were not very nice. I guess they forgot I was there, but (because 6 more temps are coming tomorrow to help out with their data entry crisis) the people in the office started making fun of temp. They were saying how people were temps only because no one would want to hire them for more than a week at a time. Really nasty stuff. I kept my mouth shut, even though I should have said something. If they go at it agian tomorrow, I am really gonna give them a piece of my mind. Just because I am doing data entry does NOT mean I am not an intelligent woman!

I need a hug.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

To the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be the world.

  1. Well, instead of going out the Saturday before Halloween like a normal person, I moved into my apartment today. It involved a lot of up and down stairs. My apartment complex is a little bit ghetto, but it’s fine. I am nearby to make places; I’m basically 15-20 minutes from everything and anything. So, that’s nice.
  2. Ocha really seems to like the new place. I let him out this evening and after a tentative crawl around, he was jumping and dancing. It was nice. The only bad bit was I put on a movie on my laptop, and Ocha got really angry and stomped a lot. He’s never been in a room that a movie was playing before, so I think it freaked him out (all the new sounds, but without smells to go along with it).
  3. I went and did my first grocery shopping, too. I got a lot of Abie-foods, for example, mac n cheese, cereal, peanut butter & jelly, and marshmallows! Ha! I am quite a silly person. But, I got some strawberries this morning (Jackie and I went to a farmers market and I got a huge bunch of organic strawberries for $2.50! Yum yum yum!)
  4. While waiting in line to pay for groceries, the guy in front of me told me that he felt happy to see me cuz I was smiling. Hehe.
  5. I watched Pride & Prejudice to break in my apartment. Soon I am gonna buy a DVD player so I am actually use the TV that Jackie and Dale gave me. Seriously, this TV is HUGE! It took the 3 of us to carry it up the stairs! Insanely heavy!
  6. My first night in the apartment, I slept on the floor in the living room next to Ocha’s cage. I needed to not feel lonely my first night here. I think tonight I will sleep in the bedroom. ^_^
  7. I had the most FRUSTRATING adventure, trying to find internet access today. I was ready to kill kill kill! It took me hourS to find a place that has Wifi that A. works and 2. isn’t a gajillion dollars. (Yes, that S was capitalized on purpose).
  8. After all the money I’ve spent to get my apartment up to a livable position (tons of cleaning products, groceries, etc), I REALLY need that job. I hope I find something soon…I am feeling job-stressed.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

You're not just gonna watch it; you're gonna live it.

  1. The start to yesterday was ok. I went over to Saturn to get my car fixed. It wasn’t an adventure at all. It was pretty boring. I tried to re-install my Sims again, but it was feeling difficult. I think I need to make more space on my computer to fit it again… 4 hours and $708 later, my car is all ready to go. Sweet Jesus that’s a lot of money. . .
  2. I went to Armon’s new apartment to hang out last night. After an ATM drama, we went to his friend’s house and watched an episode of The Simpsons. Then, we went back to his apartment and ate pizza while he played video games. It was cool. I enjoy hanging out with Armon because I don’t feel bad at all just sitting and reading a magazine while he plays video games. It’s such a relaxed friendship. No entertaining. Just chillin.
  3. This morning, I woke up way too early, again. Since I woke up, I’ve been keeping myself busy. Today was my last day to have any slight amount of relaxation. Well, I tomorrow and Friday I will be happy, but will be out and about mostly. But today I played with Ocha for a long time. Then, I wrote some emails. Then I did some packing. Etc etc.
  4. I am off to the grocery store in a few minutes with my parents to buy supplies for the trip. Nathan and I are both on a budget, so we are gonna be eating cereal and PB&Js most of the trip.

Monday, October 09, 2006

It's all about timing.

  1. I woke up early to take Ocha to the vet. His ear is looking a lot better. I got all of his paperwork from the vet so I can easily get set up at a new vet in California.
  2. Karl and I went and saw The Science of Sleep. It was pretty good. Very weird, but I have a feeling that the more I watch it, the more I will like it. I do like how off-the-wall it was. Karl and I laughed a lot.
  3. We were the only 2 people in the theater watching it.
  4. I ate 3 cream puffs today. Bad for the diet; good for the soul.

Friday, October 06, 2006

People still need Zorro.

  1. I felt a little bit better today, which was great. I still feel a bit sick to my stomach, but I am feeling better.
  2. I finished putting together another package for David today. I went way over budget for it, but I think it will be all gravy. ^_^
  3. Mom and I went to Dollar Tree and Wal-Mart when she got home from work. Mom even let me drive!! She usually doesn’t cuz she HATES my driving. She bought some little ceramic containers for Christmas. She gets so excited about Xmas decorations.
  4. As we pulled in at the house, Karl pulled up right behind. It was a nice surprise, discovering Karl coming home for a few days.
  5. Tomorrow morning, I have to go to the post office, and then clean out my car. In the afternoon, Emily and Melissa are driving down from Athens to visit, which will be lots of fun! I may take them to the Maize Maze if the weather is nice. This time I will wear better shoes for it…

Thursday, October 05, 2006

A sigh

Today also doesn’t get a list. I am feeling sick. I’ve been sick the past few days. I have this huge knot in my stomach. I spent about half an hour last night trying to force myself to puke whatever it was up…but it didn’t work. I was supposed to go hang out with Armon tonight, but I just wasn’t feeling up to driving down to Atlanta. I hope I can feel better by this weekend. I’m sure I’ll be fine.