Monday, May 28, 2007

What a great weekend!

1. Out with friend on Sat night. BBQ'd at Sarah's house. Chatted, played pool, hung out, ate delicious food. A great evening!
2. Sunday, went to a BBQ at my sister's house. She and Dale tried to set me up with an Australian boy. Unsuccessful. Thank goodness!
3. Ate the BEST guacamole in the universe at Jackie's BBQ.
4. Woke up at 6:30am today and drove to LA to meet up with Michael. Went to Little Tokyo: ate Japanese food, did purikura, went to Kinokuya, played the taiko game. Watched Spaced and Happy Feet. It was a great Memorial Day!
5. No traffic on the way TO or FROM Los Angeles. Woah!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

A voicemail from my sister

"Hi Ab, it's Jac. You are coming to the BBQ, right? Dale invited one of his friends' friends to come, so you wont be the only single one there! He's cute and from Australia! So he has a great accent! Not that we are trying to play matchmaker...but we are."

Oh Jackie. Goodness gracious!
I hope it's not weird. If it is, then I will play with Blake (Alicia and John's lil 2yr old!) ^_^

And anyway, Brendan and I are going to shoot paintballs today. Excellent.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Something different

Today, I am going to:
1. Straighten my hair
2. Go to a farmers market to buy lots of yummy veggies
3. Make a vegan pasta salad for the party this evening
4. Write a letter
5. Get prettied up for the shindig
6. Escape myself by having a blast with my friends

What are you going to do?

Friday, May 25, 2007

I'm sure I heard you sigh

1. Snacking on the best spinach dip and crackers at lunch.
2. Tomorrow: Pool Party!!
3. I cleaned my bathroom today after work. Like, seriously scrubbed it. It's so sparkly now!
4. Hummus in the morning! Hummus in the evening! Hummus at suppertime!
5. I have Monday off of work. Thank god! Finally, a day off. I don't get a PAID day off... but oh well. Take what you can get, right?
6. I had a customer ask fo rmy phone number today. It was random. Of course, I didn't give it to him! But, I was thankful that he's not a creepy old dude! What a random day.

Monday, May 21, 2007

The bubble's in trouble!

1. We had a picture taking contest at work today. And got in trouble with management for it. "No giggling! Get back to work!"
2. I am very close to a decision on how to handle it all.
3. I sent 4 postcards, 2 letters, and 2 packages today. I love sending mail. It's such a nice thing for the recipient.
4. I went to the gym today, finally. 3 weeks off. It's hard to go to the gym when things in life aren't on an even measure. They aren't completely yet, but I just need to wait it out till they are.
5. This weekend I watched a ton of movies with my nephews: Braveheart, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, Eragon, Happy Feet, and Encino Man.
6. I swam a lot on Saturday afternoon, and it was great!
7. Friday-Sunday, I finished off an entire medium-sized Papa John's pizza! Cheese and Pineapple! YUM!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

You learn to walk at a comfortable slumber

1. Being distracted.
2. Still being distracted.
3. Making mix tapes.
4. Eating a proper dinner – BBQ chicken, baked beans, baked potato.
5. Awaiting a new, sexy bathing suit.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I cried at work today

My life has felt like a mess lately. Everything seems in ruins or misplaced. It's not fun.

This morning at work, I had two co-workers confront me about a rumor they'd heard (that I thought they didnt like me). I dunno about that rumor... but it caught me off guard. And I was in a fragile mood anyway, so I burst into tears and had to answer a couple phone calls crying.

I am ready for equilibrium. And I know I'm not going to get that for a while. It's so tough.

So, tonight I am going over to Terra's house. We are going to rent a movie and eat cookie dough. Duh! The normal way girls heal.