Saturday, June 20, 2009

World serves its own needs, listen to your heart beat.

Wow. It's Saturday. I have 3 full days left in London left. It is so insane how quickly time has flown by this term! And now that my return to America is soon, I am feeling nostalgic for London and the UK.

My classmates threw me an amazing going-away party on Friday night. It was super, mega sweet of them. It was 'Tex Mex' themed, and we had fajitas, nachos, chips and dip, guac! Amazing! they know me so well. ^_^ They also got a pinata, full of candy. So silly and wonderful! I tried very hard not to make it a teary night, but it was tough. I am afraid that when the time comes for me to get on the plane, I am going to feel sad and will definitely cry. I am so excited to come home, but I will actually miss it here, and I will miss the friends I've made here.

On Monday, I have my final tutorial with my tutor, Amy. I am hoping that I won't cry then. I've really gotten attached to Amy. She really understands me, and I feel like maybe if I'm lucky, I will be able to do what she does some day. I had no idea what to expect when I first met her, as she is so well-known in my field, I was so intimidated. But, she's been so supportive to me in my time here.

Also on Monday, I will be seeing my good friend Theresa for the last time (until I visit her in Trinidad and/or Canada!). We recently went on a trip to Edinburgh together, which was amazing. I got sick, and she was so patient and took such great care of me. And even though I was ill, I still had an AMAZING time with her. And on Monday when I have to say goodbye to her, I just KNOW I'm gonna cry.

So many tears coming up this week! Tears of sadness at saying goodbye (although only temporarily, as they will all see me again!!) and tears of joy at being home again. I'm trying to prepare myself for an emotional roller coaster.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

3 weeks left in London

It's funny how time really does go by so fast. And then suddenly, I wake up and have only 3 weeks left here before I move home.

Yes, I am so excited to come home. I can't wait to see my parents, hug my friends, smooch on my boyfriend. So many things to look forward to: my 6 Flags season pass, BBQs, karaoke with friends, a possible vacation to Washington DC, my exciting internship... yes, so many things!

But, now that I am getting closer to leaving London, it's making me think about it more. I don't hate London, that's for sure. I have many reasons for going home, and most of them are home/people sick. It's been hard here, being so far away from everyone. I've made some amazing friends who I hope will continue to be with me for a long time to come! But, I am ready to go back for a while.

This is really the first time since moving to Japan that I've felt this need to 'go home'. I guess that things have changed for me a lot since then, and I am in completely different circumstances from then. But, all I know is that I will miss London, but will be so happy to be back.

I'm not sure what this post is saying, but I just felt like updating for some reason.

Here are a few more thoughts for anyone who might happen upon this:
*The meds seem to be helping my jaw. I don't know who all knows what's been up with it lately, but here's a summary. Last Tuesday (a week ago), I got home from visiting Becca, made some pasta to eat. When I sat down to eat it, I opened my mouth, and suddenly got these stabbing pains in my right jaw. Wednesday I had an appointment at the Britihs Museum to go to their archive for research, which wasn't a re-scheduleable appointment, so I had to suck it up to go. Long story short: OTC meds were ineffective. I had to wait until Friday to get in to the doctor (can't wait to get back to US doctors again!). Friday, I go to the doc. She can't help, but gives me meds. Monday, I go to the dentist. He said it's not my teeth (we took x-rays and my teeth look fine), so he said to see a dentist when I get back to the States to get a jaw-guard sleeping thingie to wear at night. So, now I am finishing the meds like my dentist suggested.

*I met bunnies on Saturday! Yeah, all of you probably know how bunny-obsessed I am. Well, I hadn't gotten to play with one since June of 2008 at Bunny Fest in Stone Mountain with the North GA HRS. Well, Saturday I went to Swindon to meet some of my bunny friends from Flickr, Mark and Jeanny. They were amazing! And their bunnies were absolutely adorable. I fell in love again and realized why I love rabbits above other pets. They are just so full of personality and they just fit with my personality. The bunnies I met were: Sooty, Poppy, Flopsy, Mumbles, and Eric. All adorable and amazing in their own little ways.

*Last weekend, I went to visit Becca in Preston. We had a great time together, as always, hanging out. We went dancing one night, which was fun! We also watched the entire second season of Flight of the Conchords. And we watched some Futurama as well. And mostly, we jsut enjoyed each others company. <3

*On Monday and Tuesday, Becca and I took a trip to the Lake District. We stayed in a bed and breakfast in Windermere called Denehurst, and it was fantastic. The owners, Ken and Cindy, were so helpful and nice. And thebreakfast they made us was AMAZING. We had the Full Cumbrian Breakfast and the Waffles. Both, fantastic. Windermere was amazing. We hiked mountains, watched the sun set on Lake Windermere, met sheep, saw the laziest cow ever, and talked to swans. I am so glad Becca and I were able to go, because it was such a great getaway from everything we've both been going through.