Friday, March 05, 2010

Creepy Shoes!!

Check out these shoes! Totally weird and creepy, right!?!

Rob convinced me that since my running shoes were not working for me and giving me constant blisters and had to be returned, I should give the Vibram Five Fingers a shot. He has them, and absolutely loves them. And when I say loves them, I mean that he maybe wants to snuggle with them at night. Well, that's an exaggeration. But anyway, so I wanted the Classics in lilac. Out of all the ones suited for running stuff, I thought that at least the purple was cute, even though the styling is totally weird looking...

So, I ordered them from a company online (Stores are completely out of my size! Apparently, these things sell like hot cakes! I guess I will eventually find out whether they stack up to the hype or not...). When they arrived, they were cute and weird and purple, so I felt optimistic... But, then I tried them on... they fit, but felt too small. But it's hard to tell, because I've never had toe shoes before. Getting my toes to go into the slots was SO difficult! So, anyway, I walked around my house in them, thinking, "Yeah, these are just too small!"

Today, I called Abbadabbas, asked them to hold a size 41 (one size up - yep they are in European sizing - confusing!) - but it was in black... not purple! Boo hiss! So, I try the 41 black ones on, decide that the 41's are too big. :o( so, then she said I should try the 41 with a mary-jane strap. So I did. And they fit! I wish they would have had the purple, but instead I got black because that way I can just pretend they are regular black mary-janes.

What do you think of them? They're pretty weird, huh? Rob says they are mega comfortable and really good for your feet.

Here's some websites which talk about the awesomeness of creepy toe shoes:
One from Vibram's website
From Wired Science

Opinions please! Think they are ugly as hell? I might think that too...we'll see if their comfortability makes them worth it... ^_^