Monday, February 19, 2007

If you don't wanna go to Fist City, you'd better detour around my town

  1. I was a grump for a bit again at work. I hate when people ask me about hurricane ratings and 3-point locks. Grrr! But I am lucky to have cool co-workers to at least laugh at the customers with.
  2. Ocha and Anko are coming along. Today Clarissa and I took the two of them on a whirlwind car ride. I told Clarissa to drive as recklessly as she wanted (ie drive over big speed bumps, making sharp turns, etc.) Taking the bunnies for a drive I a good bonding technique. It’s true, too, cuz they were so close together that you couldn’t have fit a credit card between them!
  3. I am gonna watch Little Miss Sunshine again before mailing it back to Blockbuster. It’s a very amusing movie. ^_^
  4. Listening to Loretta Lynn right now. Awesome!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Today begins our future and ends our past

Hello! Wow! An update so close to the last one!


1. 3 cups of tea in one day = heaven
2. Skipping Weight Watchers to stay home and sing Japanese songs to yourself = fun!
3. Letters from David T = a wonderful surprise!
4. Wearing a beautiful skirt to work = feeling good about yourself
5. Comments from my David = make me feel beautiful
6. Email from Duncan = a treat!
7. Grey's Anatomy = enjoyment
8. No license in the mail yet = a disappointment
9. Dance class tomorrow = amusing
10. Ocha = cute!

How was your day?

Monday, February 05, 2007

I'm off to the war but you can be sure I will know you're what I'm fighting for...

Dear World,


Here is a list of today. My lists have never been, nor will ever be in the correct order. It’s ok.

1. I really want to go to Japan, kidnap David, and bring him back here. I can’t give him big hugs when he has a bad day there. I can’t make him a big, delicious breakfast when he doesn’t sleep well. I can’t give him a kiss goodnight. Needless to say, I am ready for it to be next January so I don’t have to just yearn to do these things. Then, I will be able to do them. It’s going to be amazing.

2. Yesterday, the girlfriend hunt for Ocha wasn’t successful. One day, I would really like to find him a bunny-wife. He would be much less lonely. And the two of them wont need so much space, as they will be together all the time. And I will worry less about him when I’m not at home. Now, when I can’t be home, I worry that he is lonely and sad. If he had a little girlfriend, he would be less lonely and sad.

3. I want to start learning to cook. I hate living alone and cooking, though. Maybe when David moves out here, I will start cooking sometimes. I may even try some recipes with peppers. We’ll see, though. No promises.

4. I need to clean my apartment by Friday. Bonnie and Jenn arrive Friday night. Woo!!! I have to plan what we will to together. Zoo. Beach. Hmmmm… what else?

5. Drinking tea. Ahhhhhh.