Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Coloring outside the lines. In purple.

Well, things are going. Life is happening, which is amazing.

First off, let's start with my trip back home. It was absolutely amazing!
  • Emily and Greg's ENGAGEMENT! Hurrah! This is the best news ever, and the party was good! I wish I hadn't have been so tired, but it was fantastic. I am so happy that they are both in my life. Truly, I love them very much and know they will be so happy together as a married couple.
  • Easter Egg Hunt Party - Amazing time! It was so great to see my friends! And though I wasn't able to say a proper goodbye to anyone, I'm really glad I got to see them. I only found like 8 eggs though. Ha! But the hiding was the best part. ^_^
  • Flight of the Conchords - So much fun! Such a great date with my Tora! We had dinner at The Vortex with Melo, Liz, and Danny. And we ran into Kisha, Adam, Tina, Christine, and Josh at The Vortex as well. Was a very much nice!
  • 6 Flags - Such fun! Rob and I had a great time together, riding roller coasters until we were sick!
  • King Tut Exhibit - Went with my parents. Mom was on vacation, and Dad took a day off to join us. It was a really well-done and interesting exhibit, though quite crowded! Good exhibits don't often make ther way to Atlanta, so it was a real treat. And afterwards, we all went to lunch/dinner at Sweet Tomatoes. My fave!
  • Brew Awakenings - I got to spend 2 afternoons with Nenni, which was wonderful. We had very interesting and in-depth conversations about life, love, and moving forward in things. It was really refreshing, as always. We have such gread conversations, that Jenni and I!
  • Shopping with Mom - Thrift stores! Amazing, Cheap, Funny!
  • Visiting my aunt's new home in Kennesaw - It was great to see Stacey, Giselle, Olivia, Bailey, Kyle, and Ryan. A very nice afternoon visit.
And now, I am back in London. The weather is beautiful. I'm refresed after my visit home. I am ready to start my thesis! On Monday and today, I was able to see and meet up with (most of) my classmates, which was wonderful. They are all such unique and beautiful spirits. I do feel so happy that I've got to meet them and become their friend.

The big news I have though: I am moving home at the end of June. Yes home. For good. Well, yes. It's such a big decision, which is so scary. But, I've been thinking about it obsessively lately, and here is what's going on in my brain:
I am homesick. There are no if's or and's about it. I miss my family. I miss my friends. I miss how easy life in America is compared to life here. Yes, in the short term, life here is fine, but it really is so hard to live so far away. It's just so lonely for me. And I think in Japan it was easier because I was younger and so many other reasons. But now, living an ocean away is just too much for me, I think. And last semester was really difficult for me, so I've decided that being home is just what is best for my happiness. Another bonus of moving back home for a while: saving money. I will save up so much money from rent that I am considering doing some traveling for my thesis research. Hopefully to Japan. Fingers crossed!

Anyway, if you know anyone who needs some part-time help in the Atlanta area, let me know. I have an internship (!!!), so I can only work like 2 or 3 days a week... but any money I can save will really help me out a lot.