Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Post!

Last night, while I was falling asleep, I was thinking about what I was going to write about today for my Thanksgiving post... and here it is.

Things in my life that I am thankful for:
1. Family.
I know everyone says that they are thankful for their families this time of year. But really, I do honestly feel so blessed with mine. People tell me about how much they dislike going home for the holidays because they have to put up with fights, conflict, etc. But in my case, I have really lucked out with my family. Being a member of Team Mohn is the most amazing thing a person could ask for. We all always have each others backs and are very supportive of everyone else. My parents are truly wonderful people who have always supported me and are still supportive of my choices in life, even though what I want to do usually takes me far away from home. But they cope with it well and still are kind enough to send me care packages! <3

2. Friends.
I am thankful for my friends. They are people who have amazing and giving hearts. I love them all so much. They have been so patient during our tenure of life, with me always away and out of Georgia, they still love and support me though it all! I am very lucky to have people who truly understand and care for me, through thick and thin.

3. Opportunity.
I am very thankful for opportunity in my life. I am currently pursuing my MA degree in the sunny city of London (ha!). Sometimes I can't believe what has led up to this point in my life, but I am so happy that I am finally here, doing what I love.

4. Heartbreak.
This is a funny thing to be thankful for, but I am. A while ago, I went through a period of extreme heartbreak. The man I thought I was going to marry turned out to be bad news. He broke my heart and then stomped on it... but what I learned from all of that is that I can survive. But, had it never been for David, I would have never moved to San Diego, I would have never worked at Jeld-wen, I would have never realized how much I hated working for Jeld-wen, I never would have applied for grad school... So, because he treated me awfully, I have done all these amazing things with my life, which every day, I am thankful for. And now, because of that heartbreak, I feel that I can better appreciate being with a man who actually does treat me right, who actually does make me feel good. So, thank you David for hurting me (although I still think it was very wrong), because if it weren't for you, I wouldn't be at this point in my life where I am actually happy.

5. Sunshine.
I am thankful for life. Sunshine is one thing that I don't see all that much of here in London, but when it does come out, I am sooo happy. And it reminds me of all the things that I've done in my life that I am happy about.

6. Ocha.
It has been over 6 months since Ocha's passing...and I still miss him so much. Not a single day has gone by that I haven't thought of him. I still cry when I think of my baby boy. But, I am so thankful that I was able to share my life and love with him while I had the chance. He was there for me during times when no one else could be. When I thought that happiness and love had abandoned me, I had Ocha in my lap, begging for treats. He brought me so much happiness and joy, and I am so happy that I was able to be his mother, even though for just a short time.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

If I knew Picasso, I would buy myself a gray guitar and play

Sunshine after the RainThis has been a pretty good week for me. To be honest, I don't really have too much to update on, except for the fact that I am trying to escape my paper!

It's going to be good, but it's stressing me out. The topic isn't stressing me; I know it's a good topic. I am just worried about the teacher's expectations. She is an extremely intelligent woman, but I am afraid that she is going to expect me to write for intellectuals. I hate the way that intellectuals write. They just write to sound better than their peers, without writing for the purpose of actually saying something. So, if that's what she is expecting, I am afraid that I won't be able to deliver.
Trafalgar Square
Today, I went with my new friend, Theresa, to the National Portrait Gallery. We had a good time discussing which people would be cute with modern haircuts. We also talked about fashions, specifically mustache and facial hair fashions. We realized that there is much more to facial hair than we both originally thought... though to take someone with a neck beard seriously would be quite difficult...

After the gallery, we came back to my flat and cooked some delicious Mexican food with Kirsli. Soooooo good!

Ok, ok. You guys are right. Back to work. More updates to come soon.

Monday, November 17, 2008

When we get there, we're gonna fly so far away

So, my cough isn't gone yet. The only night that I've actually slept through is the night that I went to bed drunk. I don't think I like that because I don't drink very often, so I'm not going to get to sleep a full night for a long time! Last night, I went to bed at 3 (whoops!) and didn't fall asleep to well past 5. *sigh* I hope some day I don't cough through the night.

Anyway, this week has been good. Here are some happenings:
Saturday night, we celebrated Scott's birthday (Kirsli's boyfriend). We went to The Elephant's Head in Camden, and it was tons of fun. They were playing all the music that I loved as a child: basically ever song from my cassette tape called "Chartbusters: Hits from the 50's."

Today, I woke up, had a relaxing breakfast, and went to the British Library to sign up for a library card there. It took a long time, but the guy who helped me was super nice. He asked where I was from, and when I said Georgia, he knew where it was! Impressive. He's the first Brit that I've met who knew where GA is. I mean, that's not bad, cuz if they asked me where Liverpool is, I couldn't say... Anyway, I complimented him on his knowledge of America, and he said "Well, I am a librarian." Hehehe

This week, I have a couple things which I am really looking forward to. On Wednesday, one of my classes is going to be at the Fashion and Textile Museum where we are going to have a tour and talk with the curator of the Bill Gibb exhibition, which is going to be really interesting! Then, on Thursday, I am meeting up with my friend Theresa, and we are going to go to the National Portrait Gallery, and then eat Mexican food!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Running from the cold up in [...] England ^_~

I feel like another post is needed after yesterday's adventures. As I'm sure you could all tell, I was not in a great mood, as my idea for a paper had been shot down, and I'd already started working on it.

Well, a couple things have happened since then that have cheered me up.

I went up to have my meeting with Amy, and she is just such a lovely person. I told her about my idea for a final dissertation...she absolutely loved it. As I explained what I've learned and how much area there is to research, she got more and more excited I am going to start my work over Christmas break, I think. She told me that I need to contact the V&A to use their archives in my research. She said that once I write a draft to them, she and I will go thru it with a fine tooth comb together. She was just so encouraging about my idea. And when I told her about my idea of an artistic collaboration with My on a visual, she was SO stoked. She said that no one had done that before, and that collaboration is the most important thing these days. Oh man, it was a really good talk.

But, I didn't talk to her about my frustrating paper. I was still too mad at that point. But, I talked to Karl about it, ad he fixed my panes. ^_~

My brother just gives me such good perspective on things. He said that even if I don't write it for this class, that I should pursue it in my own time. He thinks that it's a very valid and interesting idea that I could even try to get published. And then my professor would feel silly, huh! Anyway, he suggested that I bring her the work I've done so far, and include an outline and a bibliography, and see what she says. If not, he helped me come up with a backup idea that would be interesting to write about as well. We'll see how my meeting goes with her tomorrow.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Some days are up, some days are down.

Ugh. Today is not such a great day. It's 2:30pm as I write this, and I am just about ready to give up for the day.

Last night, I barely slept. My cough just won't go away. I probably got anywhere from 2-3 hours of sleep, and that's being generous. I just layed in bed coughing all night. And I didn't have any medicine to take, so I had a spoonful of honey a couple of times, which helped for about 10 minute incriments. And so today, I am absolutely exhausted.

In addition to my exhaustion, I received an email from one of my professors in response to my idea proposal for our term paper. It's the one on Akira Kurosawa's Dreams. Anyway, she thought the idea was absolute crap, so I am back at square one, with less than a month to think of a new topic, research, and write. I am so ready to give up, at least for today.. but I can't. I have a meeting with Amy at 3:45 and then a class from 5-8pm.

And now that I've gotten the news on that other paper, I am so not excited to talk to Amy about what I was plannign to discuss with her. I wanted to ask her opinion on my idea for a final dissertation project...but I'm not sure if I can handle this intellectual rejection twice in one day!

Ugh. Wish me luck.

New ideas for a topic:

Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Youth and Beauty Parade

Found: LoveOh life. It has been a roller coaster week. It started out very, very bad...but has ended up to be pretty ok. On Monday, as you can tell from my last post, it was Ocha's birthday. I still am very sad about Ocha, but he was a wonderful son. Also on Monday, I found out that my pup, Shadow, who has been a part of our family for over 14 years, passed away.

So, that all made for a harsh Monday. But, I am lucky to have such wonderful friends who offer me the love and support that I need.

Other that that this week, I have been doing a lot of stuff for school. I went to the Bill Gibb exhibit at the Fashion&Textile Museum, as well as the Late at Tate event that I had posted about before.

The Bill Gibb exhibition was interesting. I went with classmates Geraldine and Susana, and we all had a lot to talk about. The exhibit was for a designer from the 70s, so was very over-the-top. As far as the curation of the exhibit, I don't think that I enjoyed it because there was almost too much there. Anyway, I am not writing my critique on that exhibit!

Late at Tate was really fun. I met up with my classmate Geraldine, and I went to a talk on Frame Conservation, which was fascinating. The more and more I think about it, the more interesting I find conservation...but I don't have the interest in science that is needed to really pursue it... As I was walking home from the station on Friday night, I was almost home, and I saw Kirsli, Scott, and Fran walking towards me. So, they recruited me and we went to our fave pub, The Burly George (real name is The Barley Mow). It's a really nice place, with decent prices, and a really friendly staff.

Frozen in timeOther than that, I am also really excited about having some ideas for my final dissertation. I have a meeting with Amy tomorrow, so I think I am going to ask her and see what she thinks about it before I get too deep into it. But, I was telling my friend, My, about it, and he was excited and we were thinking about doing a collaboration on it. More on that later as details occur.

I am also getting excited about Christmas. Well, not so much Christmas. I am going to be in London on Christmas day, which sucks. I am really sad to not be home with family this year. I know my mom is sad about that too, but unfortunately I don't have the thousands of dollars to do it. So, instead, I am having a visitor and we are taking a mini-vacation to Rome. I am really excited about that.

Oh! I also spoke to my flat-mate, Masumi, and we are going to do a language exchange. English-Japanese. We both need practice, so it will be good for both of us. She is really sweet, too. I like her a lot. I don't remember if I told this story in my blog or not...but a few weeks ago,Masumi was sick. I ran into her in the hall, and she said she wasn't feeling well, so I made her a cup of hot chocolate. Then, a few days later, I saw her again, and she gave me a thank-you present of some chocolate biscuits (cookies). ^_^ I miss the kindness of the Japanese people.

Anyway, I think this is enough of a blabber! More later, I'm sure.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Happy Birthday Ocha

Ocha on a skateboardGood RabbitAn Ocha ChristmasAn avid reader

Today is his birthday. I made a slideshow of Ocha to remember his birthday. We would have celebrated 3 years! Ocha was such a wonderful bunny. I miss him and love him dearly.

View slideshow

It's amazing to think that an animal can get into your heart so deeply, but Ocha was my baby boy and my best friend. He was there for me when no one else could be. He loved me unconditionally (as long as I shared my bananas with him!)
Ocha's Shirt
Although he has been gone many months (May 19, 2008 RIP), I still miss him as much now as I did then.
Ocha goes digging!
I hope that across the Rainbow Bridge, he is happy with his new friends. I am glad with the knowledge that he is no longer in pain and suffering.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Ocha.

Love you.

Your Mom/Bunny Slave,
Hello, sir!Balcony Exploration

Saturday, November 01, 2008

A man can love a woman who is always right on time

Lately I've been missing home. Not home, really, but the people that come along with being home: family and friends.

I just want you all to know that even though I am a bad blogger...I miss you all a lot!

Things here are going well. I've been battling being sick for a while, so I am trying to give it the once and for all push to get out! I am ready to be healthy again. Classes are going well. We are planning a trip to Paris around early January (possibly), which would be amazing. Rome and then Paris. Oh geebus, I want to stay in Europe! If only I could move a few key people out here as well, it would be a lot easier. Well, I guess ideally I would move all of my friends out here. That would be SO fun!

I am working on a couple of papers at the moment. One is an exhibition review/critique and the other is a soci-cultural analysis of the costumes from Akira Kurosawa's Dreams. My friend Avery inspired it, as he was the first to introduce me to that film.

Other than school work, I spend a lot of time reading (still school work) and talking online to people (a few more than others!) and going out and having fun with Kirsli and the kids here. On Friday night we (Kirsli, Scott, Juby, Lala, and me) went out to a Psycho-billy show which was neat. Kirsli and I spent a lot of time speculating about the other people at the show.

Lately, I've been in a museum mood. In the last few weeks, I've been to the British Museum, the V&A, the V&A Museum of Childhood, the Science Museum, the Tate Modern, and the Natural History Museum. Phew! And there's more! Next week, I am planning on going to an exhibition at the St. Pancras Crypt (Dark/Art/Dress) and a Late at Tate event. I am pretty excited about these.

And, I am looking more and more forward to having a visitor after Christmas. And Rome! Amazing!

But first, I've gotta knock out these two papers and a TON of reading. Back to the books!