Friday, December 19, 2008

They are watching me watch him watch me

Christmas is just around the corner. Becca will be here soon to spend Christmas week with me, but when she comes, Kirsli is leaving! I am really excited to see Becca. She's one of a kind, I'll tell ya! ^_^

So, this week, I've done a few things:
  • Went to the doc on Monday for a checkup. Learned how confusing the NHS truly is...
  • Signed up for a Screenprinting course which begins in January and lasts a few Saturday afternoons. I may not get in to it. Not sure yet. If I don't, they have other neat courses I might try instead! But, I hope I get into Screenprinting...cuz that'd be awesome.
  • Met a dude who worked at a book shop who had just got back from a trip to Atlanta. How random is that!
  • On the trailKissing and carsWent to a light show event in north Kensington with Kirli and some of her school friends. It was really fun, I thought.

There were a ton of kids, which distracted from the art, but the concept was really interesting to me!

  • Going to an art event called Mutate Britain tonight with my friend Theresa.
Ok, that's all for now. More later, I promise!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

You'll make biscuits, and I'll make tea. We'll curl up close and then fall asleep.

So, I am done with classes for this term! I have some homework to do before next term... but right now, I am enjoying the break! I feel good about both of my essays. The one on Akira Kurosawa's film, I am not sure how the teacher will feel...but I am pleased with it. And the exhibition review, I feel good about.

So, since classes have been done, I have really been lazing about something fierce! I've hung out with Kirsli a lot. We went on an adventure to the East End Primark (super discount store) where neither of us found anything. We went to a Pub Quiz with her classmates to raise money for the graduate exhibitions this year. Our team didn't win...but that's only because Tina Turner wasn't the first mayor of London! (We kept putting down divas to any questions that we didnt know...which was a good few!)

So, I've been good. Becca is coming again soon, which I am super stoked about. On the 22nd I think. Oh man, this is a dinosaur month! Cuz after my pterodactyl comes, then my iguanodon will be here! Yesssssssss! What a good month this will be.


I've been requested by Crystal (of the Police variety ^_^) to write a little bit about life in London in general. Well, it's surely a different experience than back home. The main thing that people ask about is the weather. Yep, it's cold. Yep, it's gray. Yep, it's rainy. But, I guess I expected it to be coldER, grayER, and rainiER...but it's not as bad as I expected, really. I mean, in an ideal world, San Diego weather would come with me everywhere. But, unfortunately it can't! Another thing that I'm learning is that Brits in general are much more reserved than people at home. Thus, it's more difficult to make British friends (in general! warming: I am generalizing a lot here!) than other foreign friends.

So, anyway... about my area. Well, I live towards the east end of London in an area called Hoxton, though I am milliseconds from Shoreditch as well. Hoxton/Shoreditch is pretty well known for nightlife. There are quite a few pubs around, and lots of clubs. I really like this part of town. I feel like I am really close to my classes (45 minutes on bus! - hey, this is London. That's close!), but far enough away that I don't feel bogged down by it. I actually live in Zone 1 of London, which most people don't tend to live in. Because it is EXPENSIVE. My student housing is really expensive too, but I think it's worth it. Sometimes I hate living in student housing, sometimes I am ok with it. Speaking of, here's a map!

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Anyway, that's all for now. Maybe more later!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Visitation Rights

Ok, everyone. It seems that my spring-time is in high demand for visitation. Here is the list of who is scheduled (for sure, dates set and everything):

March 5th - March 15th: Melissa, Emily, and Hana
March 23rd - April 14th: I will be back home in Atlanta
July (dates not confirmed yet): My parents will be visiting for 10-14 days

Those are the only two that are scheduled. Please let me know dates you want to come for sure if you have them, cuz a few people are expressing interest. <3

Love you all!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

I wish that I would hear you say goodnight

Well, my semester is finally over. Thank goodness! I turned in my first essay on Monday...and then the second essay today (a little early cuz I just couldn't look at it anymore!). first semester here is done! It's pretty wild. Only 3 more terms to go...and then I graduate. It seems so fast!

I did find one spelling mistake in my paper (the one I turned in today!) after I turned it in. I knew the whole "convert it to British English" would cause me problems! Crazy Brits spelling Judgement wrong... Anyway, other than that, I am confident that my professor will at least understand *why* I chose the topic. She may not like the topic, but I have no doubt that she will see my logic and the validity of my choices.

Also, it's already December 4th! Wow! Time flies by so fast! Soon, Becca will be here. And then Kirsli will go home for Christmas. And then my special, wonderful dinosaur will be here! Hurrah! I am sad not to be able to be with my family for Christmas. I always hate being away from home, especially on the holidays...but I did book my ticket home for April, so I will be home soon! And Mom will have spring break while I am home, so we will get to spend lots of time together.

So... term 1. Check!