Saturday, April 19, 2008

Spare some for spare parts

Daily Happies
1. Last night I went out with Kris again. I like him more and more each time we hang out. We had a talk last night about what to do about us. We decided that the boy/girlfriend thing wouldn't work. We are both just caught up on the whole "Abie is leaving in a few months" thing. So, I think we decided to just have fun and not try and label it. I feel better with that decision anyway. I don't need lots of complication in my life. But, I really do like him a lot.
2. Went thrift store shopping today and got a super cute dress AND a super cute nightgown that I may wear as a dress. If I do, I will try and put photos up. It's so adorable and vintage-y! Very 60's.
3. I took a 4 hour nap today. Yes, this is a cause for joy. I rarely allow myself naps!
4. I slept until past 10am today. And woke up and snuggled. God, I forgot how amazing cuddling is. Seriously, it's the best part of life.
5. I ate some Taro Ice Cream for dessert. Yum!!!
6. Last night, I went to a Comedy Burlesque show at Shakespeare's Tavern. It was hilarious, AND I got to see them set some guy's nipple on fire!