Thursday, December 14, 2006

Realized that I have missed your face. Seems like I've been gone, gone for a long time.

  1. I got a $25 Target gift card during my work Christmas Present Party.
  2. I baked peanut butter cookies for tomorrow. We are sending a huge batch of cookies to the people who work at the factory in Tijuana.
  3. I had an amazing dream last night. I hope it is a reoccurring one.
  4. I am going to Rocky Horror tomorrow night. It’s going to be weird not only to see it again, but at an unfamiliar theatre with unfamiliar people.
  5. I got all of my Christmas cards sent out yesterday. Hopefully they will make it to the lucky recipients before Christmas!


Anonymous said...

i realized that i missed your updates and i'm glad you are back. i love you.


scribbled by Rosey said...
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Roseline said...

d'oh, sorry i deleted that by mistake, here's it again:
I wonder what your dream was and am most curious to have the privilege of knowing! but even if never told, i hope you have your wonderful dream again too.