Sunday, April 15, 2007

You've just gone and missed it, It's escaped your world

1. After work, I went out to drinks with a few of my co-workers. Even the girl who I don’t really get along with was there. It was pretty cool. I pretty much got along with the girl I don’t get along with. Maybe now that drama can be over.
2. Went to Sara’s house at 8pm. We got dolled up and went out in North Park. We went to a bar called *somethingsomething* Office. Cheap drinks = excellent!
3. I beat Sara at a game of pool. I never win, so I was pretty excited.
4. We were looking super hot that night. Lots of guys kept coming up to talk to us. It was so funny. One would leave, and then another would come up.
5. Sara and I walked back to her apartment, 2 miles!, in search of a taco shop. We couldn’t find one, so we made her step dad (who is staying with her for a bit) drive us to one. He is such a cool guy. I ate a bean and cheese burrito with guac on the side. Yum!

1. Went to the vet to get Ocha some medicine. I hope it helps soon! Everyone in the waiting room was amazed at how cute Ocha is.
2. Went to target and bough a neon green and electric blue towel for my bathroom. It’s all part of my moving-in process. I am glad I can finally move in to my apartment and San Diego. I like it here.
3. Sara and I went to Extraordinary Desserts for dinner. So, I had Viking Chocolate Cake for dinner. It was perhaps the most delicious and most chocolate-y cake of all time. Soooo good.
4. Tall Paul is going to make me a mix CD soon. I am very excited to receive it.
5. Spoke to David last night on MSN. I didn’t cry.

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