Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Save Ocha!!

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Yesterday I took Ocha to the vet, as I had found a strange lump on his leg. As it turns out, it is an abscess. The vet gave me an injection to give him to hopefully help it go down, but there is no way it will make it go completely away. She recommended surgery to get it out, but this will cost $700-$800!! As you all know, I do not have anywhere near that.

So, I was thinking that it would be best to start a Save Ocha campaign. I am going to print up some t-shirts with him cute lil face to support the cause. All proceeds from the shirts will go to Ocha and his little bunny tumor.

This is where you come in. So, my photoshop-savvy friends, I would love one of you to design the logo/image for Save Ocha. Choose your favorite Ocha picture to doctor up for the tshirt designs. The winning designer will get a free Save Ocha tshirt. You can email your designs to me at abigail.lee@gmail.com

Please help me with this. I really can't afford this surgery. Anything would help. Even love and hugs to Ocha.

Thanks y'all!

Abie and Ocha


Mymsie said...

Poor Ocha! Let me know if you set up a fund so I can contribute. :)

Abigail said...

I actually did set up an Ocha account. It's at my livejournal