Friday, May 08, 2009

It starts with an earthquake

Well, I feel like I have some things to be happy about today and lately. I am just going to list them in no specific order. Really, the order in which they come to my brain. I am going to list them until I can't think of any more. Or until I get tired of listing. Either way... it's gonna be wonderful.

  • I am in love with the idea of seeing Rob all the time. I know, I am such a girl, but this makes me so happy.
  • My dissertation topic: it's tough; it makes me want to jump out windows; there's too much and not enough information about it available; the literature that does exist on it is so hard to read; the Tale of Genji is 16 million pages long; I love my topic.
  • Coffee and tea breaks with Kirsli - these totally make my day. It's simple, yes, but it's nice to take a break from thinking about ancient Japan and start thinking about other things instead, having discussions with a good friend.
  • Avocados. I had one for dinner last night with some pasta. I loved it like woah.
  • My new shoes from Irregular Choice. Yes, they were expensive, but I promised myself I'd buy something from there before I left London. Better to do it sooner than later, so I bought them.
  • Feeling crafty. I can't wait to get home to America and be able to craft again. I miss knitting. I miss doing stuff.
  • Some fun trips coming up: a visit to bunny friends, a visit to Becca (<3),>
  • Thinking of moving home. It makes me so happy. I am going to miss London and it's people (well, the nice ones that are my friends!) so much! But, I will be back. That is for sure.
  • Karaoke in June in Athens. Oh man. It's been far too long!! We need to set a date for it soon so I can write it into my planner (Yes, I LOVE writing things in my planner. I even make Rob schedule possible dates with me so I can write them in. I'm a weirdo!)
  • Moving OUT of Will Wyatt Court. This place is seriously the worst place to live of all time. Thank god I will be out of here soon. I've met some amazing people here; thank goodness, too, cuz otherwise I might have died!
  • I found a very good candidate for my bridesmaids dress for Emily's wedding. Now I just have to get it home and try it on...
Ok, that's enough for now. Wow, I am random today. ^_~

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Anonymous said...

I want a picture of the shoes!!! :)