Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Today begins our future and ends our past

Hello! Wow! An update so close to the last one!


1. 3 cups of tea in one day = heaven
2. Skipping Weight Watchers to stay home and sing Japanese songs to yourself = fun!
3. Letters from David T = a wonderful surprise!
4. Wearing a beautiful skirt to work = feeling good about yourself
5. Comments from my David = make me feel beautiful
6. Email from Duncan = a treat!
7. Grey's Anatomy = enjoyment
8. No license in the mail yet = a disappointment
9. Dance class tomorrow = amusing
10. Ocha = cute!

How was your day?


Jenna said...

Two updates from Abie so close together = awesome-o

Anonymous said...

paperback day at work = busy

betty stuck in elevator for 25 min. = worrisome

agua linda with kat = tasty cheese dip

jazz = amazing

guitar hero with the owner of arch bar = a surprise treat

guitar hero while tipsy = difficult

updates and photos from abie = great start to the new day

love, your friend em