Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I cried at work today

My life has felt like a mess lately. Everything seems in ruins or misplaced. It's not fun.

This morning at work, I had two co-workers confront me about a rumor they'd heard (that I thought they didnt like me). I dunno about that rumor... but it caught me off guard. And I was in a fragile mood anyway, so I burst into tears and had to answer a couple phone calls crying.

I am ready for equilibrium. And I know I'm not going to get that for a while. It's so tough.

So, tonight I am going over to Terra's house. We are going to rent a movie and eat cookie dough. Duh! The normal way girls heal.


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Anonymous said...

Aww Abie, I'm so sorry. Office politics suck ass.

I do hope that it gets better soon. Believe in the power of cookie dough. Sugary stuff has a great healing power.