Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Los Dias de la Semana

1. I was told by three different customer *today* that I have a very sexy voice. Should I be extremely creeped out or flattered? Luckily, none of them said it in a super creepy way. I never thought of myself fas having anything other than a little kid voice. Apparently I have more than that.
2. Tomorrow is the big day. 3:30pm. Pictures to come.
3. I had dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets for dinner.
4. I received a really sweet and awesome text message from Armon in the middle of the night the other night. It made me all kinda of happy!
5. I also hopefully put an end to contact with another person, for the better good of mankind.
6. I got some new movies in the mail for super cheap at Amazon: Snatch, The Departed, I <3 Huckabees, The Motorcycle Diaries, Sideways, Million Dollar Baby.
7. Threadless. $10 sale. Amazing.


Anonymous said...

You DO have a sexy voice!

Abigail said...

According to who??? Hmmmmm?

Johnny said...

I have things to tell you, teacups.

1. You do have a sexy voice.
2. What happens at 3:30pm?
3. Dinosaurs ROCK.
4. I've seen about four of those movies, the most recent being I <3 Huckabees. They were all pretty good. Also, I watched Twin Falls Idaho, which was sweet.
5. THREADLESSSSSS! I'm getting like five shirts today, I swear.