Monday, September 03, 2007

It's so nice, I wanna hear the same song twice

1. Having Monday off of work! Thank goodness!
2. Curling my hair
3. Drinking ice coffee in the morning (it's too hot to drink normal coffee!! Lately, it's been in the mid-high 90's here. Ugh! Next week it's finally getting back down to the 80s)
4. Going out to a bar on a Sunday night. Oh Labor Day.... Thanks again!
5. Free Hug Day is coming up!
6. Also, Talk Like A Pirate Day is too!
7. one two three new Threadless shirts
8. Ocha and I have been enjoying hanging out on the balcony. It's too hot to be inside anywhere!
9. I've already started Christmas shopping! Ooooooh yeah!

1 comment:

Catie said...

You inspired me and I also bought shirts from Threadless! I only got two of them, though. I'm very excited for them to come!

Love you and miss you! Let's have a phone conversation sometime soon.