Sunday, October 05, 2008

She's a runner, rebel and a stunner

This has been a good week. Really, in general, I am enjoying myself so much here, I am pretty surprised. I mean, I knew I would like it... but I am bordering on loving it! I feel like I have a great balance of going out and staying in. And I am happy doing both!

Here is a day-to-day remembrance on what I have been up to in the past few days:

*Went to a seminar on the fashion archives at London College of Fashion. Saw some pretty amazing pieces, including one specific spectacular pair of shoes. I will put photos on Flickr.

*Went with Kirsli to a really interesting seminar on screen printing. The guy who was in charge of it was a rockabilly guy with an awesome accent. He was really nice and patient with everyone. He shows the process from putting the image on the screen all the way to the end. And then we got to try our hand at it. I think Kirsli and I are gonna take the screen printing short course next term (it's already full for this term!).
*Then we ate lunch and chatted to a girl from Slovakia named Luba. She was really nice.
*And then we went to seminar on banking for international students...where they told me that I should cancel my bank account because it's ridiculous that they charge for an account. So I did. Ha! But now I gotta figure out where to open my account...
*In the evening, Kirsli, Juby, Chloe, Catherine, and I all went out to a pub and hung out. I think Kirsli and I decided that our favorite local pub is one called The Barley Mow. It has a great atmosphere and a great jukebox.
*Stayed up late chatting to my dino

*Woke up late-ish (11:30am). Got dressed and went out in search of bread, superglue, and tape. Did not find tape, but stumbled upon a street market and a bargain shop! Got lots of stuff for the room, like some tack-y stuff to hang pictures up in my room. So now, my room is much more homey and decorated!
*Came home and chatted to the dinosaur <3
*Made a DELICIOUS and deliciously simple dinner. I had chicken thighs and veggies. I baked the chicken and it was super yummy. I am quite proud! Normally, I just make a bowl of cereal for dinner. I rarely actually cook something!
*Went to Fud's birthday party, which was a blast! chatted to tons of people, danced, chatted some more. I took the bus up to Highgate, which was a bit farther away than I thought. The club/bar we went to was called The Boogaloo. The venue was really awesome, and the music was really cool! I am going to have to tell Kirsli about it. I think she'd really love it! Hopefully pictures will emerge from last night. ^_^

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