Monday, October 20, 2008

She looked like she was not even there

Well, I am becoming a terrible blogger again. Sorry y'all! I've been keeping very busy lately.

Overall, things here are still going great. My classes are a real challenge. Grad school is a bit more different than I was prepared for, but luckily, my courses are very self-study based. So, it's really how much work you put into it is how much you will get out of it.

Here are my current courses:
Discipline of Fashion - This is a course that basically has different speakers each week discuss the different disciplines within the study of fashion.
Research Methods - So far, useless. But, I am going anyway, just to keep up being a good student.
Approaches to Contemporary Fashion - This course is really difficult. It's a cultural theory class, which is difficult because all of the readings we are working with are written in this "I'm an intellectual so I have to write in a very pompous and pretentious manner so normal muggles get confused in all out my explanations"-style of writing.
Contextual Studies - This course does not meet very often, but when it does, we learn about the other facets of the fashion industry, for example Fashion Photography or Journalism. Just to give us an overview of fashion as a whole, which should help us be more well-rounded fashionistas?

Anyway, I only have class 2 days each week, but it's still pretty intense. I have to read about 600 pages per week (I told you it was all self-study stuff!) and am working on two papers at the moment. Grad school. Busy.

But, I am still having fun! Kirsli and I hang out basically all the time, which is awesome. I am really lucky to have found someone so awesome so fast! And I am slowly making other friends. It is slow-going. I guess I haven't found my outgoing side here yet. I hope it comes back and I can return to my crazy self!

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