Friday, December 19, 2008

They are watching me watch him watch me

Christmas is just around the corner. Becca will be here soon to spend Christmas week with me, but when she comes, Kirsli is leaving! I am really excited to see Becca. She's one of a kind, I'll tell ya! ^_^

So, this week, I've done a few things:
  • Went to the doc on Monday for a checkup. Learned how confusing the NHS truly is...
  • Signed up for a Screenprinting course which begins in January and lasts a few Saturday afternoons. I may not get in to it. Not sure yet. If I don't, they have other neat courses I might try instead! But, I hope I get into Screenprinting...cuz that'd be awesome.
  • Met a dude who worked at a book shop who had just got back from a trip to Atlanta. How random is that!
  • On the trailKissing and carsWent to a light show event in north Kensington with Kirli and some of her school friends. It was really fun, I thought.

There were a ton of kids, which distracted from the art, but the concept was really interesting to me!

  • Going to an art event called Mutate Britain tonight with my friend Theresa.
Ok, that's all for now. More later, I promise!

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