Thursday, December 04, 2008

I wish that I would hear you say goodnight

Well, my semester is finally over. Thank goodness! I turned in my first essay on Monday...and then the second essay today (a little early cuz I just couldn't look at it anymore!). first semester here is done! It's pretty wild. Only 3 more terms to go...and then I graduate. It seems so fast!

I did find one spelling mistake in my paper (the one I turned in today!) after I turned it in. I knew the whole "convert it to British English" would cause me problems! Crazy Brits spelling Judgement wrong... Anyway, other than that, I am confident that my professor will at least understand *why* I chose the topic. She may not like the topic, but I have no doubt that she will see my logic and the validity of my choices.

Also, it's already December 4th! Wow! Time flies by so fast! Soon, Becca will be here. And then Kirsli will go home for Christmas. And then my special, wonderful dinosaur will be here! Hurrah! I am sad not to be able to be with my family for Christmas. I always hate being away from home, especially on the holidays...but I did book my ticket home for April, so I will be home soon! And Mom will have spring break while I am home, so we will get to spend lots of time together.

So... term 1. Check!

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totally said...

Time is constantly slipping through our fingers, but we can hold onto memories for as long as we wish.