Monday, February 02, 2009

Summaries are fun!

Hi all! Ok, so I haven't written a substantial post for a long, long time. Here is a brief summary of what has happened to me since Christmas (wow! it really has been that long!)

-Becca came to visit me for Christmas, which was amazing. Unfortunately, I got sick and turned into a big sick baby...but luckily, Becca has a saintly level of patience with me. Christmas day in London was quite odd, as Becca can attest to. There was NO ONE around. The streets were absolutely dead. We thought it was rather like a zombie movie before zombies start jumping out at you!

-2 days after Christmas, Rob came to visit. It was... well... absolutely amazing. Watching Wall-E on the plane ride to Rome We had a brilliant time together in London for a few days, and then off to Rome for 3 days/2 nights! Rome was so amazing. I don't think I can fully express how much fun we had together. And then, we came back to London in time for New Years, and I even offered to watch fireworks with him! Well, we did try to see them, but there were too many buildings in the way. Rob's trip = wonderful.

-Signed up for a screen printing class. Only 2 weeks left of it! I need to think of more ideas!

-Went to Paris with some classmates. Saw lots of stuff. Went to an amazing exhibition at Musee de la Mode about the Crinoline. Fantastic! There was even a real, honest-to-god Charles Frederick Worth dress! Whew!

-More happened, but.... that's all for now. Back to school work!

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