Monday, January 29, 2007

It can't rain all the time

1. It's raining.
2. I talked to David again today. It's so wonderful to talk to him so often. Even if we are both in quiet moods, I still enjoy it. Just feeling his presence is amazing. Knowing that he's there. I miss him, but no matter how far away, he still makes me feel good inside. I love that lil plonk!
3. I just watched a movie, Mysterious Skin. It's a pretty hard-hitting movie, but interesting. The things that happen in it are despicable. But overall, a decent movie. If you see it though, don't waste a happy mood on it. It's too serious for that.
4. I painted my nails red again tonight. Theyve been pink for about a week. I used to love the idea of how feminine baby pink nails are. And I still think they are ok sometimes...but for some reason, I prefer bolder colors.

The end.


David said...

good story!

Anonymous said...

i prefer dark bolds too! maybe it's because i'm white as a ghost otherwise.

nen said...

Mysterious Skin is amazing.
I cried a lot but it was comforting in some way.
Im glad you watched it, now we can talk about it!
and sigur ros at the end...
And david give you warm fuzzies, which is lovely!