Friday, January 11, 2008

Dream the high road

I went to the psychic today. This was my Christmas present from Lenny and Clarissa. It's more of a healing process of her reading auras and chakras. She also specializes in past lives.

It sounds silly to some of you, I'm sure. But, I really feel much better after going. I honestly feel better, healed.

About life in general for me:
"For you, owning your space is part of your healing."
"Now I'm going to look at your work space...are you looking to change? Cuz you've built up the energy to do that."

About David:
"He's growing like crazy, so hopefully this growth that he's in will give him..make him stay out of your space."
"Any information in your body or your records...everything that's his, we took out and gave to him...Likewise, we went in to his records, and took out anything that is yours that belongs to you and gave it back...and he was in agreement with other words, he doesn't really want to be doing this. It wouldn't be his first choice. But, he's got some stuff in his space that causes him to do it, and those things are pictures. So I got all the pictures that have you in them out of him space and any pictures in your space that he's in, out. So now there's no more common energy between you two. And really, he wants that. It's like he can't help himself. He can't help but throw energy at you."
"Did you ever think about having babies with him? Because, that's one of the ties...The baby spirit is still trying to connect you two. The baby was looking at the old contract between you two. I am just going to destroy it. [the contract]"

Lauren is going to send her spiritual guide to help David out for the next three years. And I am so happy she said that. Because, even in spite of it all, I know he is a good person inside. The situation was awful and heart wrenching, but somewhere inside him, he is still the David I knew and loved. And I want him to be happy. So, I hope her spiritual guide can help point David in the right path and clear the spiritual impurities out of his space.

About Grad School:
"This new phase in your life, this new place, it is exactly what you need to do."
"What will be obvious to you will be a huge epiphany to someone else."
"Hmm, about a baby. Where have you put that? Watch that, because that's the in your space. All that creative female energy will manifest a baby if you aren't careful. And I mean be *really* careful."
"I see a soul group. You're at a point where you're going to travel halfway across the world to meet your soul group."
"Right now, this person is just a bud. For him to meet your contract, he's got to grow, got to blossom. He's going to present himself to you as a fully-budded rose."

Dream the high road.

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