Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I am looking for a star I can tell my troubles to

So, I am in an awful mood today.
At 11:30am, the temp agency lady, Rebecca, called me cuz she was in a fix. She needed to find some people to do data entry at this real estate appraisal place until friday. As I have no real job yet, I said sure and off I went. I got there at 12:30 and until 6pm, I stared at a computer screen. The job itself was shit, but what was really shit was the environment of the office. The people there were not very nice. I guess they forgot I was there, but (because 6 more temps are coming tomorrow to help out with their data entry crisis) the people in the office started making fun of temp. They were saying how people were temps only because no one would want to hire them for more than a week at a time. Really nasty stuff. I kept my mouth shut, even though I should have said something. If they go at it agian tomorrow, I am really gonna give them a piece of my mind. Just because I am doing data entry does NOT mean I am not an intelligent woman!

I need a hug.


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Catie said...


People in offices can be such assholes. I think I've come to the conclusion, in my seemingly endless job-hunting, that what you're doing matters very much less than the environment you're working in. When I have a few free moments, I'll write you a good email with some temp agency tips...I've certainly had the time to come up with some good strategies.

Anonymous said...

you are a fiercely intelligent and creative woman who doesn't need to sit around and put down other people to make your own life seem more valuable.
what douchebags. and i know- because i saw a douchebag last night. he was covered in plastic and wearing a little sign.

firia said...

you are way too fabulous abie dear *huggles* it makes me sad for the people who say stuff like that because they must be dreadfully unhappy to feel the need to put others down like that :(

Anonymous said...


love ya! stace :) glad you're spreading your smiles at grocery stores!