Friday, October 06, 2006

People still need Zorro.

  1. I felt a little bit better today, which was great. I still feel a bit sick to my stomach, but I am feeling better.
  2. I finished putting together another package for David today. I went way over budget for it, but I think it will be all gravy. ^_^
  3. Mom and I went to Dollar Tree and Wal-Mart when she got home from work. Mom even let me drive!! She usually doesn’t cuz she HATES my driving. She bought some little ceramic containers for Christmas. She gets so excited about Xmas decorations.
  4. As we pulled in at the house, Karl pulled up right behind. It was a nice surprise, discovering Karl coming home for a few days.
  5. Tomorrow morning, I have to go to the post office, and then clean out my car. In the afternoon, Emily and Melissa are driving down from Athens to visit, which will be lots of fun! I may take them to the Maize Maze if the weather is nice. This time I will wear better shoes for it…

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jemmy said...

Hi Abie,
Are you okay?
Please have fun with your family and friends!