Wednesday, October 11, 2006

You're not just gonna watch it; you're gonna live it.

  1. The start to yesterday was ok. I went over to Saturn to get my car fixed. It wasn’t an adventure at all. It was pretty boring. I tried to re-install my Sims again, but it was feeling difficult. I think I need to make more space on my computer to fit it again… 4 hours and $708 later, my car is all ready to go. Sweet Jesus that’s a lot of money. . .
  2. I went to Armon’s new apartment to hang out last night. After an ATM drama, we went to his friend’s house and watched an episode of The Simpsons. Then, we went back to his apartment and ate pizza while he played video games. It was cool. I enjoy hanging out with Armon because I don’t feel bad at all just sitting and reading a magazine while he plays video games. It’s such a relaxed friendship. No entertaining. Just chillin.
  3. This morning, I woke up way too early, again. Since I woke up, I’ve been keeping myself busy. Today was my last day to have any slight amount of relaxation. Well, I tomorrow and Friday I will be happy, but will be out and about mostly. But today I played with Ocha for a long time. Then, I wrote some emails. Then I did some packing. Etc etc.
  4. I am off to the grocery store in a few minutes with my parents to buy supplies for the trip. Nathan and I are both on a budget, so we are gonna be eating cereal and PB&Js most of the trip.


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David said...

pb&j's made on beautiful laps. also, dont forget trail mix. oh, and i like tofu/creamcheez/spinich sandwiches (with either pepper and tomatos or raisons).
i miss you much. ehime is not the same without you. there is an abbie-shaped hole in my heart that needs to be filled!