Sunday, July 15, 2007

I go for a very different flower

1. Soda Pop was very good! So entertaining! I laughed quite a bit! Great job, Michael!!
2. West Side Story was also very good. Clarissa did a great job with the costumes!!
3. I watched a bunch of Watanabe's videos. I miss my friends in Japan. If my time there hadn't been so confused with personal issues, I think I would feel very differently towards it all. I do miss it though. I wonder if I will move back to Japan some day.
4. I LOVE the song Ikebana with Kana. Such good memories!!
5. After West Side Story, I was invited back to Clarissa & Lenny's place for drinks and dinner...but I needed some alone time. So, I am back at the apartment, just ate dinner, milliseconds from diving into a book!


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