Tuesday, July 17, 2007

There's lots of forces in a modern world that take their toll upon a modern girl

1. I was told "You are beautiful" today. I won't say who said it to me, but it was flattering for sure. I turned bright red. Some days I feel like I am, but sometimes compliments like that just totally catch me off guard!
2. Taco Tuesday!! Terra and I went to Taco Tuesday after work. Yum!
3. Tomorrow is Wednesday, finally. Only a few days left until my birthday!! I will be the big 2-4!
4. Not having to be sad about a boyfriend who doesn't call on your birthday this year.
5. Remembering receiving one of the best homemade presents from him the year before...which involves thinking about him and not being unhappy.
6. Oh! And none of you will see how this is such a big deal, but I beat Jaime at Connect Four today on our break at work! I beat him and didn't cheat and he didn't let me win. I won fair and square! Amazing!!!!

1 comment:

Johnny said...

But you are beautiful, silly.

Connect Four rocks.