Monday, October 29, 2007

I'm waiting around for you to come get me out of here

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There are so many things! Here is a small sampling:

The trip home:
1. Eating at Chow Baby with Nenni in Atlanta - delicious!!
2. A date with a cute boy who it turns out is AWESOME. Damn the living on opposite coasts...
3. North campus with my darlings
4. Apple pie
5. Hanging out and getting lots of Karl-time
6. Lots of Mom & Dad time
7. Karaoke in Atlanta with Bonnie: Karaoke Melody! (you must go!!!)

Since then:
1. Torrid Model Search
Saturday night before Hallowen
3. Job hunting again. I am ready for a change!
4. Also, luckily the fires have not made it into my part of San Diego! That was very scary!

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