Wednesday, October 17, 2007

There'll be nothing but this thing that you'll never doubt

Red Lipstick Day
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1. I was in a terrible grump this morning. I didn't want to see or talk to ANYONE! And the woman I am training came in at 6am with me, so I didn't get my 30 minutes of alone time this morning. I grumped and grumped at her. I knew it wasn't because of her I was irritable, so I turned to her and said, "Casey, I am in such an irritable and terrible mood. I'm sorry if I grump at you, I don't mean to." She said to me, "Well, the best was to fix that is to make ghosts out of tissues to decorate our office!" So we did. And it was fun. And it made me smile. And I was cured.
2. Got new headphones today for the airplane ride. I needed them cuz Ocha chewed thru my other ones...
3. Attached a bug in Lenny's apt tonight. Due to there being no bug spray around, I was armed with Fantastic and Glade Air Freshener.
That bug was so clean and smelled good to death!
4. Hummus and Pita for dinner.

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