Saturday, October 06, 2007

We're nerds in love, we're 1 + 1

1. I was feeling well enough this morning to get out of the house.
2. Bought Special Edition PG Tips and Caramel Digestives. Yum!! Oh, I also got some Cadbury chocolate with extra almonds. Yum! I am glad to be allowed to eat nuts again.
3. I found a Daiso here in San Diego!! That may mean nothing to you guys who aren't from Japan... but Daiso was a store I bought EVERYTHING at in Japan. And there is one here. Oh my gosh. When I saw it, I got super homesick for Japan and smile really big.
4. Went to HRS to buy Ocha some hay and met a cute white bunny named "Peanut"
5. Talked to Karl and Jenn on the phone.
6. I took myself to Chick-fil-a as a treat for lunch. I asked for lots of Polynesian Sauce, and the cute boy at the counter gave me 6! Muahahaha!
7. Here is an mp3 of the song I am listening to right now. Download it. You will love it. It's by Fergus Brown and is called Nerds in Love.

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kristen said...

oh please take me on a chik-fil-a pilgrimage!