Thursday, September 14, 2006

Don't you dare come to bed with that ambiguous look in your eye

  1. Nerd games yesterday were fun. I really enjoyed the group a lot. And Mark is always a fun DM. It gets a check!
  2. Last night, I played Truth or Dare online. It was interesting, to say the least. One girl took a photo of herself with her underwear on her head! Ha!
  3. I posted a photo online for a few hours of me in my underwear. I can’t believe I had the guts to do that!
  4. I went to sleep at 5am. Geebus, that’s late!
  5. Today I have some errands to do. I will also do more job hunting... I got my first rejection letter today. *sigh*

1 comment:

David said...

Nudey nerd!
Send me the pic too!!