Sunday, September 24, 2006

I can always change my name if that's what you mean

  1. This morning, I got up early to shower and get ready before meeting Stephi-chan at 10am. It was harder to wake up than usual.
  2. When I went to get dressed, something weird inspired me to try on some jeans in my “clothes that don’t fit” pile. I had never been able to even zip them up, let alone move in them. But this morning it happened. I zipped them up and felt hot and fantastic all day cuz of that. I guess the weight I am losing is starting to show.
  3. After wandering around the dealer’s room, we were on our way to find Mark, and I randomly saw two people from high school. I saw Stevie and Joseph! It was random and a half. It took Stevie a while to recognize me. I had to say, “Hey…it’s Abie…” I guess I look a lot different. Good.
  4. After AWA, Stephi-chan and I went to Subway for lunch. Then we went to Walmart to buy some more things for her new apartment. Her place is really nice. I hope I can find something like that in LA. Not holding my breath for that, but hoping nonetheless.
  5. When I was playing with Ocha tonight, I discovered something bad. He has a red blotch with black dots in one of his ears. I did research and found out that it is probably ear mites. So we have to go to the vet tomorrow. I hope it’s easily curable and cheap to cure…

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Kitten said...

stevie? joseph? At AWA? Hell hath frozen over.