Wednesday, September 20, 2006

She will kiss you till your lips bleed, but she will not take her dress off

I had an amazing weekend, which I would like to talk about right now.


  1. In the early evening, I went over to Jenni’s house. We first looked at random things online, and she showed me, which I loved. Then, Nenni made some delicious homemade macaroni n’ cheese for us for dinner.
  2. While eating it, we watched the new version of Pride and Prejudice. I didn’t really enjoy the movie, but it reminded me of how much I love historic costume. There were so many things in it that weren’t done right, but the fact that I cared reminded me how much I enjoy it. So it got an A for making me remember my love for costume history, but a D- for the actual movie.
  3. Jenni and I also discussed how Mr. Darcy of this movie had gas-face the whole time. hehehe
  4. After the movie, we watched a few episodes of Dead Like Me. That show is great. Jenni and I were lamenting that it got cancelled.


  1. I woke up at a decent hour. I are Special K for breakfast, which was special indeed. Nenni gave me some delicious peanut butter cookies for the road, which I shared with Melo, Emily, and Jenna later in the day.
  2. I arrived at Emily’s house around 1pm. We chatted for a few, then headed to Atlanta to steal away Alli and Catie. The 6 of us, finally reunited, went out to Moe’s Sports Grill for lunch. After a few mishaps, we all had the correct food. This moment is when the picture-taking mania began.
  3. After lunch, we went o Ikea to meet up with Chris Slack, Amanda, Crystal, and other Jump peeps. While waiting for them in the parking lot, we played with a shopping cart, in a slightly dangerous manner.
  4. We met up at Chris Slacks house so everyone could ready themselves for the upcoming evening. I fixed Brooke’s hair in a way that Yoko taught me. It was cute.
  5. The Jay show was great. It was amazing to see so many friends at one time. If you go to my flickr, you can see that there were MILLIONS of pictures taken that night. One with everyone’s camera.
  6. We all sang Happy Birthday to Chris Slack, which was nice. When I say “we all,” I mean the whole club.
  7. The highlight of the show was Crystal singing “Do You Love an Apple?” with Jay. I am so glad I have a video of it. It was amazing!!!


  1. Slept over at Emily’s house Sat night. Her guest bed was SOOO comfy. I did have to yell at Jenna in the middle of the night, but out of love. ;o)
  2. Emily’s mom made us a DELICIOUS breakfast of French toast, which we ate on their back porch. It was a perfect time.
  3. We drove over to Piedmont Park to park and get ready for the day ahead. It took a while to find our way around, but we eventually learned. Bless Melo for being such a patient driver.
  4. After playing in the park, just the 4 of us, we met up with the crew from the night before. As hungry bears, we all went to find food. Everyone but Melo, Em, and I ate at a Mediterranean place. The 3 of us got fruit juice and a cookie from a healthy shop next door.
  5. After lunch, everyone else had to move on to begin journies home. So, we all said goodbye. Then, it was the 4 of us again.
  6. We went to play in a playground. It was fun. Emily and I played on the swings and rode the slide some. Good times!
  7. After the playground, we headed down to Park Tavern to get a good spot for the Regina Spektor show. We ate dinner. Emily’s dinner was attacked by gnats! Bless her lil heart! After dinner came dessert. Yum! Key lime pie!
  8. Eventually after two openers, it was Regina’s turn. Emily and I went to stand by the side of the stage for it. I was literally less than 2 feet to Regina at some points. It was insane. She is such a little person. So cute. And her voice is amazing. And by the way, did I mention that the show was FREE? Holy crap that made it even more amazing!

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