Friday, September 01, 2006

Yoko ni aitai!!!!!

  1. I got a phone call from Richard (my homie from Japan/New Zealand) this morning! How exciting was that! Rich is such an amazing guy. I’m really glad that he became my good friend while I was in Tanbara. And he and Yoko are gonna call me tonight! I am sooooo excited to speak to Yoko!
  2. At Target tonight, I bought a Sims 2 expansion (Nightlife). Hurray! …but, as it turns out afterall, my computer can’t handle it. So after the installation somehow deleting ALL of my sim files… it still doesn’t work. *sigh* So now I cant play any of my Sims games cuz it made them all explode, so I will have to reinstall all of them…
  3. I got to talk to Yoko!!!!!!!!!! It was awesome! Richard called me again tonight at around 11, and I chatted to him for a few more minutes. Then, Yoko arrived and I talked to her for almost an hour! It was amazing. God, I miss her so much. Wow, I will go to sleep with a big smile on my face tonight!

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David said...

A call from Richard eh? How come? That smooth kiwi! Did he call to confess his undying love?
A call from Yoko eh? How come? That smooth popcorn! Did she call to confess her undying love?