Sunday, November 26, 2006

A Brief Post

Last night was fun. Met up with strangers from the internet again. It was fun. I learned a new awesome (and cheap!) Mexican restaurant n town, Pokez. Yum! We ate there and the moved on to a bar and then karaoke. It was a fun night. If you are curious, photos are up on flickr.

What I *really* wanted to post about was my new purchase. I decided I couldnt stand it anymore, so I went out and bought.... a DVD player! Yessss! And I discovered that Target was having a sale on DVDs, so I bought The Notebook ($4), 3 Harry Potter movies ($4/each), Grey's Anatomy ($9/season 1), and 24 Season 1 ($16). So far today, I have watched *ALL* of season 1 of Grey's Anatomy. I loved it! O, I wasnt sure howmuch I'd like it, since I tend to not get into TV so much... but for $9, I could give it a shot. Glad I did. And I got 24 because David talks about it sooo much that I felt that for such a cheap price, I should give it a shot.

The end!


scribbled by Rosey said...

woah that's cheap for dvds! and yeah, isn't Grey's Anatomy a nice surpise to watch? btw I love your Nara profile pic. I'm a big (but quiet) admirer of his work.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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