Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hey remember that time we decided to kiss anywhere except the mouth

Here are a few happies, out of order, from the past few days.

  1. I saw Regina Spektor on Sunday night! It was a great show, and she played lots of good songs. I was a tad sad cuz she played mostly new songs…but they were still wonderful. But, I did really want to hear some of the old stuff, too. Then again, it was extra cool cuz she played with her band this time, and I got to hear Your Honor live! It was fab!!
  2. I finished up my last day of data entry yesterday! Yessssssssssss!
  3. I have an interview at 2:30 today for a receptionist for a company that manufactures fancy doors and windows. Maybe cool? Oh, and it pays $14/hour! Good luck to meeeee!
  4. I’ve been drinking lots of English tea lately. It’s very yummy.
  5. So far this week, I’ve had chats with Stacey and Melo on the phone! It is so wonderful to be able to talk to friends.

Oh, on another note, everyone leave David messages to help him feel better. He is feeling really sick this week and needs some loveins! <3

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