Saturday, November 11, 2006

Still hungover at 10pm the next night!

Ever have a night that was so great and you want to tell everyone about it, but remembering the night makes you want to puke… Well, yeah. That was my Friday night. I will make a list of stuff that happened as I remember the evening again. Ha!

  1. I went over to the new apartment of Clarissa and Lenny (Jennifer is her real name). There, I ate some yummy eggplant parmesan and drank 2 glasses of Baileys (the new mint kind).
  2. After dinner, the three of us drove to North Park to discover some bars. We drove around until we found a lil place called The Office. So, we go there, and the alcohol is SO cheap! So, I had two sex on the beaches (which were seriously unbelievably strong) and a Passion Pomegranate shot. The three of us chatted and hung out for a while, but then a band started playing. It was one of those screamy, loud bands, so we vacated the premises.
  3. By this point, the three of us were SOOO drunk that there wasn’t even a chance of any one of us getting into the car to go home. So, we started walking. On the way, we found another bar, which was pretty full. So, we went in. This is the point in my story where it all gets hazy. At this bar, I had a mystery drink from the bartender, another drink (I think), and then a (super strong) shot bought by some girl named Tara. She was cool and bought me the shot to congratulate me on moving to California from Georgia! Haha!
  4. As drunk Abie, I gave many people hugs. I don’t know why I like to hug people so much when I am drunk, but I sure do!
  5. As we left this bar (totally blitzed out of our minds), Clarissa mentioned that she thought the bartender was really cute and that they “had made a connection.” But then she said she was too shy to ask for his phone number, so.. drunk and bold Abie struck again! I ran back into the bar and somehow in my drunken state told the bartender that Clarissa thought he was cute and wanted his phone number, so he gave it to me to give to her! So funny!
  6. And then we began really walking home. We were all three too wasted to be out in public anymore. At some point on the way home, Clarissa had to pee so bad, that she ran off down a side street and peed on the sidewalk!!
  7. Eventually, we made it home. This is where the fun began (not really). I went in to the bathroom and began puking (secretly). It’s rough puking alone. Friends are good to have around cuz they bring you water and make you eat crackers… but alone, I would puke, then stand up and drink water from the sink, and then be sick in the toilet again. After a lil bit, I rejoined Clarissa and Lenny, who (in a desperate attempt for comfort food from home) had made French fries and makeshift feta dressing.
  8. As I went to lie down on the couch to go to sleep (there was NO WAY I was gonna drive home), I realized I had to puke again. So, I called out to Clarissa, begging her to hurry and bring me something to vomit in. So, she brought me a grocery bag (the paper kind)! Anyway, I proceed to vomit into it for like hours. They tried to get me to eat something, but I resisted. Eventually, I let them shove potato chips down my throat (which were thrown up soon thereafter). Before they went to bed, Clarissa put a plastic bad on the ground under my vomit bag just in case of leaks or anything. So, we all went to sleep. I did wake up once in the middle of the night to throw up again, but after that I slept until morning.
  9. This morning, it so happens that the plastic bag had a hole in it, so the puke leaked all over! Gross! Luckily it was all water-puke, since I had puked up any chunks earlier. Also, Clarissa told me that I was the most “elegant puker” she’d ever met. Hahahaha. What a compliment!
  10. This morning, Clarissa made me a yummy brekkie of tomato soup and a grilled cheese. It was actually the perfect hangover breakfast.

The end.

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firia said...

whoa... pukey story :) Glad you had a fabulous time tho! (minus the puking) *hugs* miss you!