Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Running from the cold up in [...] England ^_~

I feel like another post is needed after yesterday's adventures. As I'm sure you could all tell, I was not in a great mood, as my idea for a paper had been shot down, and I'd already started working on it.

Well, a couple things have happened since then that have cheered me up.

I went up to have my meeting with Amy, and she is just such a lovely person. I told her about my idea for a final dissertation...she absolutely loved it. As I explained what I've learned and how much area there is to research, she got more and more excited I am going to start my work over Christmas break, I think. She told me that I need to contact the V&A to use their archives in my research. She said that once I write a draft to them, she and I will go thru it with a fine tooth comb together. She was just so encouraging about my idea. And when I told her about my idea of an artistic collaboration with My on a visual, she was SO stoked. She said that no one had done that before, and that collaboration is the most important thing these days. Oh man, it was a really good talk.

But, I didn't talk to her about my frustrating paper. I was still too mad at that point. But, I talked to Karl about it, ad he fixed my panes. ^_~

My brother just gives me such good perspective on things. He said that even if I don't write it for this class, that I should pursue it in my own time. He thinks that it's a very valid and interesting idea that I could even try to get published. And then my professor would feel silly, huh! Anyway, he suggested that I bring her the work I've done so far, and include an outline and a bibliography, and see what she says. If not, he helped me come up with a backup idea that would be interesting to write about as well. We'll see how my meeting goes with her tomorrow.

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