Thursday, August 31, 2006

You want nothing to do with me

  1. The night before last, I was awoken late in the night by a storm. I was too tired to open my eyes and watch it, but I did listen to it until it passed. It wasn’t just any storm. It was an extremely loud and angry storm. I couldn’t believe how loud the thunder was! And the lightening! It was amazing. I wasn’t upset at being woken up by it at all.
  2. Yesterday I played with Bonnie for a long time. I went and picked her up at 11am. I was a little early, so I took the log way to get to her house. Then, we took off to North Point Mall. It was an adventure in mall-ing. I bought a new belt (much needed) and two new bras (also, much needed). I didn’t get fun color bras though. I had to throw out my old black and beige one when I left Japan (they’d had a long life already and it was time for them to go), so I got a new black and an ivory. Ooooooh!
  3. At the Apple store, we played on Bonnie’s dream computer for a long time. It was fun. I hadn’t realized just how cool Macs are. I want one now. She showed me a cool movie making program that I knew David would go bonkers for.
  4. At the Apple store, I had some guy come up to me and say “Hey! Threadless!” about my shirt. Then, I got another compliment from a stranger about it a few minutes later.
  5. After the mall, Bonnie and I went back to her place and each bought two shirts from Threadless. Yay!
  6. Last night, around 7, Jenni called me and invited me dancing. I went. It was lots of fun. I danced quite a bit, but not as much as Jenni. For some reason, I guess it didn’t help that the venue was underground, I kept getting so claustrophobic. I’ve never been like that before, but it was bad last night. I felt dehydrated most of the time. And the stroke lights made me really freak out. It was like a bad trip, at moments.
  7. Some guy named Carlos kept coming up to me. At first, I just thought it was funny. Then, once when I was dancing, he came up behind me and started dancing with me. He had his hands on my sides. I got so mad. I told him off right there. I was like, “I am not interested. And how rude to just come and put your hands on my body. You have no right to do that!” So, he left me alone the rest of the night. Geebus!
  8. I was standing outside in the rain for a bit. Roberto came and found me after taking care of his sick friend. We discussed how fun it is to play in the rain. So, I offered that we should jump in puddles. So we did. It was raining SO hard (cuz of the tropical storm coming through). We got absolutely SOAKED. It was amazing. That was my favorite part of the night. I don’t get to stomp in puddles often enough. It really is my favorite thing to do.
  9. This morning, Ocha peed on my bed. Damn it.


Anonymous said...

i miss our puddle stomping days. :)

David said...

Take your filthy hands off my Abie shit head or i will come kick your arse!
Hehehe, god i was getting quite jealous reading that! hehe ;o)