Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another day in the life...

Well, I finally got sick. I expected it to happen because of the move: eating new foods, traveling in general, walking everywhere every day a LOT, stress, rude people in London...

That's a combination of the probably reasons I am not well. But, I was bullied by the dino to get medicine, so I went out with Kirsli and Scott, and got meds. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow. I got the night/day pack, so tonight I'm gonna take the night-time pills and sleep like a log tonight.

Yesterday, I went to some talks for classes. They weren't super helpful, but I did get a little bit of information. I also got my email address:, in case you want to email my school address.

I had kinda a bad day yesterday. I am just having a tough time adjusting to the general coldness and rudeness of the people here. Kirsli tells me that NYC is worse. Ugh. I haven't met anyone else from my course yet, either, which is kinda odd. I'm sure there aren't many others, though!

I am lucky in the friends that I have made. Last night, I was feeling crappy and was grumpin pretty fiercely... so Kirsli and Scott went out and bought ice cream for dinner. They are so sweet!

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Anonymous said...

i hope you feel better love! i'm so jealous you are off on an adventure & learning! things i miss. i miss good friends to have ice cream for dinner with too! can't wait for the day of expendable income-- then i'll definitely get to come see you :) take care!!!!!! stace :)