Friday, September 19, 2008

It's called the Freeway; now I know why

I'm feeling loved up today. Basically, I feel in love today. It's so nice. i won't say with whom yet, but he knows. ^_^

I guess falling asleep on the phone with someone makes you wake up with hearts in your eyes?

Anyway, on to London adventures!! So, last night, Kirsly, Scott (her boyfriend), Flora, Maine (real name Marissa-but we call her Maine), and I went out to this pub called Barley Mow. It was really fun. Kirsly gave me "Jersey Hair," which is exciting! I've never had such big hair ever. I liked it maybe I will try Jersey Hair again. Check out the photos on my Flickr!

The pub had a really awesome jukebox that was like 100 years old, BUT had great CDs to choose from. So, I buckled down, put in my 1 quid and we chose 10 songs of awesome. You know it's gonna be fun when you start off any setlist with Superstition by Stevie Wonder!

It was a great night full of singing Johnny Cash and rockin it to Reel Big Fish! 3 Americans, 1 Italian, and 1 Brit. Very silly mix.

And today, I am going to start walking south to explore. Should be fun! Haven't tried that direction yet. But first...I gotta wake up. So, I probably won't leave for a while. Ha!

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AK said...

Dear Abie,

Your posts and adventures make me smile. I'm sososososososososo happy and excited to see what comes next.