Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Washing Troubles Away

Good news! I finally have pillows AND blanket. Ooooh yeah. Last night was my second night with them, and it was glorious. I am also now the proud owner of a fuchsia and brown striped duvet cover AND chocolate brown towels.

The past couple of days have been nice, albeit a bit strange. I went out with a group of people to head to a pub on Monday night (Katy, Kelly, Jason, Chantal, and Kirsli). I realized that I am going to be the worst Brit ever! I just can't drink every night. I am not so good at boozing. I mean, the group I went out with wasn't going out with that intention, but when people wanted to head out again Tuesday night... I dunno. I just get a feeling that I am going to be missing a lot of fun when I decide to stay in at night.

Anyway, things are going well! I signed the checks for my loans yesterday, which is exciting! I register for classes Friday, and then start on Monday! I am so excited to finally start school again.

So, I've made two good friends so far: Kirsli and Flora. Kirsli is a punk gal from New Jersey with pink hair and a shining personality. Flora is from Italy, and is the cutest and sweetest girl ever! I like them a lot. We went exploring on Monday and found our way around a bit. Then last night, we learned where NOT to go in the dark... That's a pretty important lesson, I reckon!

Anyway, I'm not so sure yet, but I think once I really get settled, I'll like London. For now, it's just such an alternate universe for me...

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