Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm gonna hate you when you go

For some reason, I feel like my life here is pretty boring. More boring than back in the US, I think. Well, not really. Life is a constant adventure.

Today I went and enrolled in my course. It is going to be SO difficult. Each of the 4 taught classes culminates in a 3-4,000 word essay, my thesis proposal course has a 15,000 word essay, and the thesis itself must be 30,000 words! Geebus! My brain and fingers are going to be so tired!

I am happy because I have a dino visiting after Christmas, and then in March, Melo, Em, and Hana are coming to visit! So, if you are thinking of visiting, here are my term dates:

Fall Term:
Sept 22-Dec 12

Spring Term:
Jan 12-March 20

Summer Term:
April 20-July 3

Fall Term:
Sept 21-Dec 11

Hmmm. What else have I done recently? I went to the V&A yesterday, which was AMAZING! That museum is going to take me about 6 visits to see the whole thing. There is no way to possibly see it all in one go. I went with Flora and Kirsli. We could only handle a bit over 2 hours of it. Then, we got hungry, ate Chinese, and went to the grocery store. The other day, Kirsli and I went on a grand adventure, trying to find somewhere for me to buy a phone. I ended up ordering it online, though we will see if that works or not!!

That's all for now...


Oz said...

Boring?! OMG.... But most of us are so jealous you're across the pond!! I'm living vicariously through your flickr!


Anonymous said...

Great schedule! Mom & Dad have dibs on July, 2009!