Sunday, September 14, 2008

London, Day 1 complete!

Here I am, sitting at the desk in my new dorm/flat, drinking a nice cup of tea. Seriously, am I British yet? lol.

This has been such a weird experience thus far, and I think it will be getting weirder.

I miss Atlanta and my dinosaur there quite a lot. After being dropped of at the airport by him, I went through security, had a good cry, and kept on my way. I felt a bit like a zombie, walking through the airport. I made a few last phone calls (to my mom) and then turned off my phone.

The flight was long, but not so bad. I literally fell asleep DURING takeoff. I remember the engine starting and the plane speeding up... but the next I remember, I was up in the air, cruising. So, that's how exhausted I was! I sat next to a pair of hilarious and adorable old British men (possibly a couple? They sure acted like it!). One of them told me a story about how when he was little, his mother knitted him a wool "swimming costume," but when he went to go swim in it, the water made the wool stretch and it fell off! Haha!

When the plane landed, I was supposed to be met by a driver to bring me to my dorm... but I couldn't find him for the life of me! I had the Airport Information peope page 3 times, then I called on a payphone to my dorm (I was pretty stressed by now!) and they said he would find me. And he did. And then I was on my way.

The dorm looks really nice from the outside and is spin-n-span on the inside. My room looks a bit like a hotel. There is nothing in it. I had ordered a move-in pack, which was to have a blanket, utensils, sheets, etc...but it didn't arrive. So I went out looking for those things yesterday and couldn't find them. Oh man, I am going to get lost so much! What a confusing layout! Anyway, so I slept last night, curled up on my sheet-less mattress, wearing about 16 layers of clothes, using my scarves as a pillow, and my jackets as a blanket. I am so pathetic!

So, a pillow is my first mission of the day (after breakfast!). Here I go!


soulcamp said...

Yay for London!!!

I'm gonna mail you some ice in a few weeks so you don't feel so homesick. ;^)


Jenna said...

I am very happy to hear about your first day, fraught with turmoil as it was. I miss you bunches. Keep posting. xoxoxoxo